I Feel Like I’m Cheating The Seller Doing The For Rent Method


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I believe it’s important that you believe the things you charge for as a business person are valuable and what you do benefits the people who pay you.

If you cheat people or even if you feel you are cheating people, it makes it hard to sleep at night and your business is very hard to sustain… plus it brings negativity to your life and is just plain “no fun.”

Here are my thoughts about how to build an ethical, honorable, profitable, sustainable business that you can be proud of and will serve you and those you love for the rest of your life.


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Read Transcript for “I Feel Like I’m Cheating The Seller Doing The For Rent Method”

“I don’t really have a question. I have a difficult situation which can be addressed as a question. This is the situation I’m running into: everyone who’s responded to me through the autoresponder so far has responded with ‘Yes, wants a down payment’. Many of them are already offering their property as a lease option in their ads. As I’m just starting with this technique, I don’t have a huge buyers list, and I don’t feel confident telling the sellers I’ll get their house filled fast like I hear the students say in the ‘Talking To Sellers’ audio.”

“I, in reality, don’t feel I can do a better job of getting their property filled than the seller can. He’s advertising on Craigslist for a renter or lease option buyer just like I would be, so I don’t see that I’m giving him enough exchange to deserve the option fee.”

“The sellers are savvy and they want an option fee. I feel very uncomfortable doing this technique, like I’m trying to cheat the seller. Now, if the seller was desperate and didn’t know how to get a lease option buyer and I was helping them, then I’d feel fine about it, but the ones who have responded to my ads are pretty savvy sellers who know about lease options and want their lease option fee.”

“So I feel stuck, and was thinking of just going after “Subject To” deals or possibly just doing land contracts with the sellers and paying the down payments and then the lease option to someone else to recover my down payment and hopefully get some cash flow. But I know this is not what you teach and you’ve emphasized to follow your directions exactly until the cash flow is built up (which I agree with).”

“Whenever I don’t feel like I’m deserving of the inflow or feel too uncomfortable with the negotiation due to feeling I’m cheating a bit, then it doesn’t seem to move forward. When I feel very upfront and I feel I’m exchanging in abundance, then it seems to move. Perhaps I need to re-listen to the audios some more and get better on the negotiation or only deal with sellers who are not as savvy so this approach would be a help because they couldn’t do it on their own.” – Debbie Collins

Joe: This is an important thing. It’s important that you feel like you’re giving value to the folks you’re working for. A lot of it is just a mind shift.
Joe: Caesar’s son was also a general in Rome and he wrote him a letter from the battlefield when it was going horribly and he said to his father, ‘People are dying. It’s a really bad situation’. Caesar wrote back to him and said, ‘Whenever you find yourself in a situation that is unthinkable, change the way you think about it.’
Joe: That’s what you’re going to have to do with the situation. And of course, what you’re doing here is not cheating someone; it’s not unthinkable, but the way you’re feeling about it is unthinkable. How are you going to find, within yourself, a way that you can serve these people? If you are able to serve these people and if you can accomplish the stuff that they can do without them having to do it, is that service?
Joe: I have someone who cleans our house, cuts our grass and someone who does my taxes. I have somebody who drills on my teeth. I have somebody who does these things for me – I don’t do these things myself, even though, other than drilling my teeth perhaps, I could do all of these other things. I don’t want to do them, and I see the value in having someone else do them who does them for a living and who’s an expert at them.
Joe: You’re not an expert yet, but there is a certain amount of ‘fake it until you make it’. And if you do a few deals, you’ll become an expert. It doesn’t take long to become an expert at lease options. So give yourself a little slack; don’t beat yourself up so bad. You’re going to solve the problem for these people and they’re going to be happy that you did that for them.
Joe: Be a little kinder to yourself. It’s not necessary to feel like everything that you’re giving is some spectacular stellar thing – what you’re giving is value for what you’re charging, and you’re not even charging the seller, you’re charging it to the buyer.
Joe: The buyer’s happy because he’s getting a property he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. The seller is usually happy to make this thing happen as well. You can work for these people, and they will want to work with you if they think you’re competent. You’re not going to be competent at the beginning, so how do you get over that hump? You talk to more people until you find somebody who will work with you.
Joe: I remember the very first deal I did as a real estate agent – I was pathetic, I was awful and I wasn’t very good at it and I was stumbling my way through the entire thing. I stumbled my way through the phone call, but, they liked me, and they decided, ‘Yes, let’s give it a try.’ I convinced them that, ‘I may not have much experience but I’m going to try harder because I want this work, and I need the money.’
Joe: If you go at it the same way and help these people, and come at it with a compassionate heart and go at it and try to solve their problem, you’re going to find people that will want to work with you, whether you’re experienced or not. I’ve got a lot of people that are more experienced than me working with me because I can solve the problem easier than if they had to do it themselves. I think that’s the goal in this whole process.
Joe: When you go to a restaurant, it’s not necessarily because they can cook better than you. There are some things that I cook better than some of the restaurants I go to (although not very many) and there are some things you can probably do better than the people that you pay other people to do for you, but you don’t do it because it’s nice to not have to do it; it’s nice not to have to go through that process.
Joe: Anyway, give yourself some slack and follow through with this process. These other things that you want to do? – They all make sense, too. I teach “Subject To” and I teach land contracts. I teach the other structures. I’ve talked about them on this video series, I’ve talked about them to my mentor students and in the “Push Button Method” program, although not the “Push Button Automarketer”. The “Push Button Automarketer” program is mainly focused on the “For Rent Method”.
Joe: Although you can do Subject To deals and there are websites on the Push Button Automarketer for Subject To’s, I just don’t explain how to do it in that system because it hasn’t been specifically built for it. But if you understand how to do those things, you can use the Automarketer to make that happen with it as well.
Joe: The most important thing you can do as an investor is to have cash flow – regular income – reliable income that you can count on coming in month after month after month to pay your bills and give you the life that you want to live and not have to kill yourself hours-wise to make it happen.
Joe: The “For Rent Method” does that for most people most of the time, and I’ve been teaching it for a long time. We’ve gone in different directions with this as well where we start people with Subject To’s and I’ve found that the For Rent Method is the easiest, cleanest way to get started as a new investor compared to any other way I’ve seen, and I would strongly recommend that you focus on that if you can get over some of these fears and trepidations you have. Alright, Debbie. Good luck.

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