I Haven’t Made Any Money And Am About To Give Up


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I Haven’t Made Any Money And Am About To Give Up

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. I’ve got another question here. This is from Christian. He says, “I haven’t made a deal yet and I’m getting disillusioned. I believe your method will work and I’ll continue trying. Is the original script you composed for the For Rent method still the one that you’re giving to new members, or has it been modified? If so, where can I get it? I purchased your material several years ago and I’m now making a go of it again.”

Joe: One of the things that, the most disillusioning thing about this process is learning how to talk to sellers and if you don’t put the work in to talk to these sellers, and I’m talking eight to ten hours a week for a three or four month period. If you’ll talk to fifteen or twenty sellers and have full conversations with them, and not get off the phone until they’ve said no to you at least five times – and the way to do that is by keep asking them questions about their property – if you’ll you do that you’ll start to understand what it means to analyze these deals.

Joe: You’ll start to understand what it means to diagnose the problem that the seller’s having and then you’ll understand what it means to be able to tell them what their options are. The script that we’ve used in the past is one we still use, it’s called the One Step Method. But I’ve created a second method and it’s called the Two Step Method. And sometimes it’s a little bit easier for a beginner to get going with. And we use it in the Automarketer and of course in my mentor program, but basically what it is is a list of questions where you’re asking people how much do they own on the property and how much their payments are and where they are moving and how soon do they have to be gone and how long have been trying to do this and have they tried any of these other options?

Joe: And all that is in the Automarketer. So if you go into the Automarketer and you go into a lead and you say add, you click on a button that says “Add Property” you can add a property and this questionnaire will come up. And you can start filling out this questionnaire just by asking them the questions that are there. And as you do it, you’re going to, it’s going to start to become clear, if you understand the zero down structures, which that training is also in the Automarketer and in my mentor program.

Joe: But if you understand those structures it’s going to start to become clear what type of offers you can make to these people. But if you’re unclear about that you can also go into another button on that form that says “Seller Options” and if you click on “Seller Options” it’ll open a list of all the seller options and it actually is all written out for you so you can just pretty much read it to them. But it shows the pros, it first of all tells them what the option is, shows them the pros of that option, shows them the cons of that option and then it has a little analysis section that tells them, you know, here’s why you might or might not want to do it this way.

Joe: It doesn’t take an opinion on why you should do this particular option. It just tells you what the pros and cons are. Then it goes down to the next option. And it has all these options, like, selling it with a realtor, selling it under, dramatically under market value, giving it back to the bank, doing a lease option, doing a subject to, doing a multi mortgage, doing assignable cash deal. You know, it has all these different options that they have and it has verbiage on how to explain that to people.

Joe: And one of the things that I suggest to my students is, they go in there and read these docu- read this document into a recorder, with your own voice, in the clearest, most concise manner that you can. And then once you have it in the recording, listen to it over and over and over and over again. Five, ten, twenty, thirty times. It’s going to be an hour’s worth of reading. But once you get it into the, into your recorder, you can put it in while you’re driving, you can put it in before you go to bed at night and you know, let it put you to sleep, and listen to it, and eventually it’s going to start sticking in your head. And you’re going to find as you’re talking to these people that this information is going to start just spewing out of you because you’re going to understand it and you’re going to understand the proper way to speak this stuff.

Joe: I’ve had people that I’ve worked with in my mentor program who have heavy accents, or English isn’t their first language. And one of the best ways that they’ve been able to learn how to do this is by this method, recording it and listening to it and then speaking it and reading it out loud over and over again. If you’d actually read it out loud, not just listen to it, but actually read it out loud, you’ll also get good at this. So, but you have to do it multiple times before it’ll start to sink in. You’re not trying to memorize it, necessarily, you just want to get the words in your mouth. Get them comfortable coming out so that when you, what you’ll find is, that it actually becomes a part of you. It’ll become a part of what you understand about these deals and it’ll make it really easy for you to spew it out at the right time. You know, learning how to speak on the phone is a little like, is a little like playing jazz. You know, if you learn how to play jazz on the piano, the way they teach you is first they teach you how to do scales and you, you know, you play scales up and down, up and down the scale. And then you have to do the other scale, up and down, and you do that so often you get muscle memory on it.

Joe: And all you’re doing is scales. And then you take those scales and you start learning riffs. And you try little riffs and you do those riffs over and over and over and over again and then once you learn the riffs and the scales and the chord progressions, once you learn that stuff where it becomes second nature, it’s easy for you to do, then you start finding ways to creatively add those things together and make them come out, you know, you put a little of this here, then you play this over here, and then you switch to this chord, then you switch to that riff and then you do this scale, and suddenly you’re playing jazz.

Joe: And it took some time to get there. But when you got there it sounds amazing. And that’s what you’re trying to do when you’re learning how to talk to people. Because the stuff that you’re trying to learn, it’s not that much material. Once you learn it, you’ll be able to use it over and over and over again for the rest of your life. And it’ll continue to make you money for the rest of your life no matter which structure you use in order to do it.

Joe: So, that’s my suggestion. If you want to get the second, the new script, the new two part script, you know, get the Automarketer, it’s got it laid out as that form. If you’re in my mentor program I think there’s a document in the contract zip file on the member site that you can download and you can read it there as well.

Joe: All right. I hope that helps. And Pushbutton Automarketer is at www.pushbuttonautomarketer.com . All right. Thanks.

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