I Paid For The Class And The Class Paid For Itself


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Kimberly James – Atlanta, Georgia

I believe the best way to learn the business of real estate investing is to hear how others have done it.

When these interviews were recorded, I asked Tom, the interviewer, to ask questions that would help the viewer see how these folks got started.

I wanted to hear the struggles, the successes and a clear path and explanation of what they had to do to make these deals happen.

I did NOT want them to be a bunch of people telling you how wonderful Joe Crump was. I wanted content, examples and real life experiences.

I hope we succeeded.

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“I Paid For The Class And The Class Paid For Itself”

Kimberly: My name is Kimberly James. I go by KJ and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I heard about Joe’s program through YouTube. I had been researching information about real estate investing and I had come across the term called “subject to.” I heard about people doing lease purchasing, so I decided to research those two key words on YouTube. And Joe popped up. So I began to look at some of his videos. That’s how I heard about him.

Kimberly: I went to his website and signed up to begin to receive information from him and so I would just get regular emails from him at that point. I had started doing some research into some alternative methods of real estate since January, but I started working with Joe and made the decision to go ahead and begin working with Joe in April of this year.

Kimberly: It’s kind of interesting. I went to Joe’s, I decided to sign up as a mentor for Joe. And then I came to his class in April. In fact, I signed up as I was driving to Indiana. When I left the weekend, that two-day weekend, I went home and immediately began to do calls and I got my first assignment, lease option, signed in two weeks. So I was pretty excited about that.

Kimberly: As far as hours are concerned, I would say about ten hours. I would say about ten hours. So, I called about six people and this was the first person who agreed to meet with me. I took them to Starbucks and tried to talk my way through as if I knew something. But I did the best I could with what I was equipped with. At that point they agreed to do the lease option and then I put a sign in their yard. I posted it on Craigslist and on Zillow and also on Facebook, which was new, and I immediately got 80, 90 people who responded to my marketing. And I just started showing the house. I would say by the time I found the buyer and completed the deal, the work that I put into it was about 20 hours. So, about 10 hours just to kind of get things going and by the time that I just dealt with some things with the buyer, helping them to understand the process, reshowing them the house, and going over some of the things on the contracts, it was about 20 hours.

Kimberly: Well, let’s see. I started in April. I wanted to do a deal a month you know, until Joe came back from vacation. I did a deal in May, which was the deal I did after two weeks of being in the class. And I did a deal in June as well. And I had some family things that came up. My mother battled with cancer and she was going through surgery. So I actually dropped everything for that. So I’m back at the two-day weekend in order to get reintegrated, to get that same momentum I had coming out of the class.

Kimberly: I will say that the best deal that I have done thus far is the second deal I did. And the reason being is because I learned so much from my first. With that deal, I did $7,000. Let’s see, on my first deal, and $5,000 on the second deal. But the reason why I say that was the best deal is because that house was actually underwater. And so I was still able to get that house sold for $30,000 more than market value and at market brand. But I thought that that was remarkable for the homeowner.

Kimberly: I consistently close a deal one per month. And during the time period that I was working the business consistently. And like I said, I took some time off dealing with personal issues, but if I followed the program I would have consistently done a deal per month. I have a goal of being able to support my family. I care for family members who have disabilities and I have two small children. I myself have a neck and back injury and a knee injury, so I need to be able to do work that won’t bring more pain on my body. So for me, in order for me to cover my household expenses, I needed to be able to do two deals per month and so my goal is to work toward that initially. And then I would like to get to the point to creating financial freedom by being able to actually hold property. I would like to use Joe’s program to do those two deals a month to cover my monthly expenses and get out of debt and then eventually move into holding property to build wealth.

Kimberly: It’s been great, actually. It was nice being able to pay for the class and then have the class pay for itself within a short period of time which was really great. But, I didn’t see an out. I didn’t see a way to care for my family or be able to work with all of the pain that I had going on in my own body. Every job that I tried to do resulted in pain. I was a salon owner, that resulted in pain. I worked in sales over the phone all day on the computer, that resulted in pain in my shoulders and neck. But, following Joe’s program didn’t bring any pain to my body. And so that meant a happier mom, which meant my children were happier, my husband was happier as well. It’s made a big impact and it’s going to create financial freedom for us that we could not have experienced otherwise.

Kimberly: I do plan on getting to the point where I can leave my job. Right now I have to take some time off. So I do plan to leave my job, or, for that matter, not go back. And you know, the fact is, is that I don’t want to do hair anymore. I owned a salon. I don’t want to do hair anymore. This is what I want to do because this is the vehicle that would allow me to have financial freedom. The other things were just a job. Even when I worked for myself I was basically an employee of myself and I was the worst boss to myself. So, I didn’t get any days off when I was sick. And so it’s nice to be able to have a vehicle that I can use and not have to go back to working for myself for that matter, or for another employer.

Kimberly: Initially when I started out, I was just making calls from what I saw on Craigslist or from Zillow, or information that I would research on Facebook. But Joe has the Pushbutton Method and I’ve been paying for it, so I decided to try it. And it’s an adjustment period for me because it’s all new to me. But I love it. I put a blast out, a text blast, and I couldn’t believe how many calls I got back. Some of them allowed me to create a list of investors, which is important for me to be able to provide solutions for some of the home owners where a least option may not work. So it’s been great. I love it. And it’s made a big impact, I think, on my future business.

Kimberly: You know, I didn’t have any money. I got a loan in order to take Joe’s class. But that loan was quickly paid for with my first deal. So, sometimes we have to do whatever is necessary in order to improve our situation. And I would say, you know, basically do whatever you can. Have a garage sale. Sell something that you’re not using. We all know how to get money when we want things. And I certainly did, so I was willing to do whatever it took in order to learn from someone who has the experience that Joe has. I will be the best decision anyone has ever made by allowing Joe to mentor them. It’ll improve their live. It did for me.

Kimberly: What I would love for everyone to know is how important it is to really just follow Joe’s system. He has a really great system. He’s done it for years. He’s seen many of his students successful with it. I did not want to go in to try to change things. And I say that because I’m very analytical and I sometimes want to know everything before I do anything. And that only would just keep me in the same place I was in the year and the year before that because trying to get the book knowledge. But I decided to just do whatever Joe told me to do. Make the calls, follow the script, you know, and use the contracts that are necessary in order to get the deal done. And that’s what I did. I just trusted him. I would just say to anyone that is looking to take Joe’s program and get started, do what he asks you to do. You’ll find that the investment that you put into the business will come right back to you if you follow the principles.

Kimberly: I’ve gotten a chance to talk with individuals in the classroom during the two-day event and the ones that were not able to get any deals done, they weren’t doing what Joe asked them to do. And so I would say from the get go, please do exactly what he asks you to do. Take the eight to ten hours a week — that’s all — that’s all. And be willing to make the calls and talk to individuals. You’ll get better every time you talk to a person. And that’s what happened with me.

Kimberly: The other thing that I would like to say is to please be patient with yourself. You don’t have to know everything. You won’t know everything and there are going to be individuals who will make you feel very small when you talk with them over the phone and just know that it’s just not going to work with them. It doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work with the next person.

Kimberly: There was one other thing I was thinking about as I listened to individuals in the room during the two-day event. Everyone wants to come in and try different things from the background that they came from. You’ve got people who are realtors, brokers, people who’ve never touched real estate before, like myself. Just be willing to throw what you know out the window for a moment, because if you do the same thing consistently that you’ve done year after year after year, you’ll end up in the same place that you were year after year after year. My suggestion is to be willing to try something different and to trust someone else who’s actually been successful. I remember Joe saying during our first two days, don’t get advice from someone about buying a house that’s not a homeowner. So, sometimes people we look to for advice about business, they don’t own a business. They’re just our friends who love us and they mean well. So you can actually not take advantage of an opportunity because of the fact that you’re listening to people who are not where you want to be. So I want to be where Joe is. I don’t want to make movies, but, I would love to be able to have financial freedom.

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