I Plan to Quit My Job By The End Of The Month


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“I Plan to Quit My Job by the End of the Month “

Gina: Gina Zambonino, Chicago, Illinois. Actually, my husband tricked me into collecting money for him. He just called me one day and he said, “I have this lady that needs to give me money. Could you just call her and schedule an appointment and tell her I need two checks. One made out to me and one made out to this lady.” So that’s what I did and that’s how I found out about it.

Gina: Well, I just wanted to help my husband, you know, and my background was mortgage banking, so I knew how to collect money. I figured, you know, just help him out, and then I asked him, “What is it about?” And he said, “I’ll tell you after I get those two checks.” So once he told me then I really wanted to come to the training. I think it was, May, yeah.

Gina: You know, what? When I left here, I had so many questions in my head, would just not accept a lot of things that Joe said. So it took me two months to actually make my first phone call. From my first deal, $4,000. Well, I called one of Craig’s List ads for renting and I talked to the owner and he had been trying to sell his property for three years and couldn’t sell it. And I said, you know, I asked him if he would give me an opportunity to help him out. And he said yes. And what happened was that the problem was that it was a four-bedroom home, it had one bath, it had no basement and there wasn’t a main street, so those, you know, were the major problems. I got him a buyer in twenty-five days. Yeah. I couldn’t believe it, but I followed as much as I could, you know, what Joe tells you to do. I just, you know, threw out my ego, threw out all my misconceptions and once I started doing that I was able to get a buyer.

Gina: I think the best deal so far, and actually I finalized that contract the 23rd of this month, which was two days ago, that one was a tough one because again, the owners were out of town for four years, had been trying to sell their property. They had a renter in there and she had five cats and three dogs and so people would go in the property and they would walk right back out because, you know, the odors were so strong. So I think that was a big, big challenge, but I was able to get him a buyer in thirty days.

Gina: On that one I made $2,000 because the owners were senior citizens and they were in arrears. Actually, they were going to lose the home. Two days – they only had two days to sell the home, so on the 25th they were supposed to give the key to the bank. So I actually saved them from, you doing, a short sale.

Gina: I don’t know what it’s going to be, but so far I’ve, you know, I’ve only actively, I’ve only been doing this, I would say from, since July. I’ve got two closed and I’ve got four more in the pipeline, so I would aim at four minimum. That’s what I’m looking to do, but in some cases, you know, like the one with the seniors, I’m happy with $2,000.

Gina: I believe so. I’m doing this part time because I have a full time job. So, I’ve missed so many calls. It’s very difficult so I’m hoping to quit my job before the end of the year. >>Okay – and you want to do this full time?<< Yeah. >>Why would you-?<< Because I love helping people and that’s that this I allowing me to do. And, you know, I mean, it’s just a great thing all the way around.

Gina: The deal that I closed in Evanston, Illinois, the buyers, I mean, they had gone to four banks and they were turned down. So at the end they called me an angel. And so that was so fulfilling, and the seller, too, he was just like, how do you do this? I just think that you help sellers, you help buyers and you make money. So that’s a great thing. It’s great.

Gina: I just want to help people and I want to make a living doing that and, you know, I just want to have a good quality life. I want to spend more time with my family and my grandchildren and just enjoy life more by helping people and that’s what I could do with this. It’s taught me to do things outside the box. It’s taught me that things don’t have to be that difficult. You could do so much with less time. And the things that I’ve learned here I’ve applied them to my personal life. So I believe that I’ve grown all the way around.

Gina: I’ve been doing this a short time, but from what I could see, in my job I make in a month I make what I made in one deal. So the potential is so big, you know? So that’s what I’m looking at. Helping people, spending less time working, spending more quality time with my family and doing something I like.

Interviewer: So you plan to quit your current job?

Gina: Yes. Before the end of the month. >>That’s great<< Yeah. >> How have you automated your business?<< You know, that’s what I’m working on, because I’m not a tech savvy person, and that’s one of the reasons I came back for the training. So the way I’m getting my leads is, I’m just calling people on Crag – from you know, the rent section, the rental section on Crag’s list and that’s how I’m getting my deals. But I know that there’s an easier way to do it so once I apply that I believe that you know, there’s really no limit as to how successful you can be.

Interviewer: In what ways do you think that automating it will help you save time?

Gina: Well, I believe that I would get more deals, more leads. Therefore, I would be able to close, you know, more deals or more, you know, speak to more people versus me calling one-on-one. So in other words, if I automate it I’m going to get more leads. Therefore, I’ll have more closings.

Interviewer: Awesome.

Gina: Yeah.

Interviewer: What advice would give to someone that you love who wanted to be a real estate investor but necessarily know how to start and doesn’t have enough money?

Gina: Well, I would tell them to come see Joe. Because I think he’s the real deal and his program is awesome. I mean, basically, I’ve started with nothing. Yeah.

Interviewer: What advice would you give – why would you want people to start the program?

Gina: I would want people to start the program because it could alter their life. There’s an easier, better way to you know, make money. You can help people, you can meet wonderful people, and you know, make a living that way. You could fire your job.

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