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Allan: My name is Allan Andreoni and I’m from Port Huron, Michigan. Regarding the first real estate transaction I did using Joe’s technique – I had been doing subject to the existing financing deals and after reading some of Joe’s stuff, I was amazed at the fact that you could actually do one of those and flip it without actually owning the property. And so when I did that, a light went off, and after that I kind of took the ball and ran with it. But it was Joe’s stuff that led me to my first deal. And I couldn’t believe it.
Allan: On the first deal, it took me about two weeks because I had already been doing something similar to that but after reading some of his material, I saw an avenue for something that was similar to that but a little bit different. So it was easy for me just to make the transition. On the first deal I made $2,000. I think I had maybe an hour’s time into that one (which was not hard work).
Allan: The best deal that I’ve done was a two part deal. Those that might be watching this can relate with the second part of it. And so the deal was that I did the for rent method and probably had about 3 hours involved total, and made about $12,000 on that deal. The second part of it was that 7 months later, the lady actually moved out and the seller allowed us to put another tenant buyer in there and we made another $5,000. So we made 17,000$ on that deal in less than a year and we probably had, maybe tops, 5 hours involved. So that’s the best that we’ve ever done. That set the bar for us. And I’m always hopeful that I will do a deal similar to that.
Allan: I found out about Joe’s program through the internet. I had looked at all kinds of different things, as others have, and was totally amazed at the fact that he was giving a lot of information away that was actually pertinent information that you would be able to apply without having paid anything, and actually make money, which we started doing almost immediately. And again, to this day it was amazing to me how generous he was with his information, when, for years, we looked at all kinds of different things, and I’d done a lot of different kinds of investing, and when I saw the things that Joe was teaching and the fact that a lot of the stuff that he was teaching he was giving away for free. It was amazing to me; still is.
Allan: I had been investing in things for a long time but I started actually reading Joe’s stuff maybe around 2005 and really applying the for rent method I would say in late 2007. So from 2007 to now, we’ve gradually increased the number of deals that we’ve been doing. And of course with his help, we seem to have it down pat. Then we’ll learn a new twist, and we’ll apply that and make it even better.
Allan: We started out in 2011, and we did 19 deals, and on those deals, I’d been doing something a little bit different. On some of the payment, I clocked on with a personal note and so that’s given us an income. It was about $40,000 worth overall, that we collected in 2011 and I hope to double that and the number of for rent deals that we do in 2012.
Allan: It’s twofold. One is to continue with the for rent method and get chunks of cash that lead to a lot of other investing opportunities. So that’s one of the goals – to continue to do the for rent method, take the money and apply it to other investing in real estate that we’re going to use for our retirement. And so the second thing and one of the main reasons I’m here is the automation of that business, to start applying automation even more than we already have and branch out into different areas, and create an automated business that’s a cash machine that’ll lead right into retirement. I’ve already done that. I’m full time now. I could probably go and find work, but after you’ve had a taste of this and with some success, if you can do this and duplicate your efforts with automation, you should be able to do it full time and earn a very good living.
Allan: The advice I would give to somebody that would be going into real estate investing right now would be to, well, there’s a lot of different things out there – there’s so much to investing that its daunting – one of the things that I like about Joe’s program is that he not only breaks it down – it’s like a funnel – you start out with all of this information, and then when it comes out the other end, you have a pretty clear and concise plan as to how to get started. And we’re not talking about making money in 6 months or a year, we’re talking about making money in a week or 2 weeks and then from that point on, there are so many other things that you can do. But the advice I would give would be to start with the stuff that he’s teaching. Then, when you start to make money, which should be right away, it opens up so many other doors, and those doors also come with instructions. So when you open a door, it’s not like you’re going in alone – you’re going in with a wealth of information and people who have had experience that can help walk you through.
Allan: I would just like to reiterate what I was saying. There are so many different types of investment programs and different investments that are out there. And I’ve seen and done a lot of different things, and by far, this is the easiest and the fastest to get going and the most rewarding, not only just monetarily but with some of the things that you can do with folks as you’re going through the motions to make money.

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