“I Used The Automarketer And It Kept Crashing…”


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Ah, well… nobody’s perfect. Even I screw up sometimes.

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Read Transcript for “I Used The Automarketer And It Kept Crashing…”

“I used the Automarketer when it first came out and although when it worked, I received a huge number of leads, the system went down pretty frequently and I got frustrated and I gave up. Since then, I’ve closed four of the leads that I got that month that I used it and I’m beginning to think I should try it again. Can you tell me if it’s working properly now?” – Sam Burke, San Antonio, Texas

Joe: Well, Sam, I think the first clue here is you got a ton of leads when it worked, and yes we did have some challenges at the beginning. When we were first using it after we built it, I used it for six or eight months just with my mentor program people, and we didn’t expand out to anybody else or let anybody else use it. It was just a few of us using it, and so we didn’t put much stress on the system.
Joe: As soon as I released it to my list, we sold a lot more of them and it put a huge amount of stress on the system and it started crashing on us. Even though the people were still getting leads, in the first few months that we had it up and running, it was working two weeks out of the month sometimes, and it was frustrating for everybody, me included, so a lot of people just bailed out because they thought, ‘Oh, this is too much. This is not going to work.’
Joe: But they also got a lot of leads during the time that it did work, and the people that knew how to convert those leads made money. It looks to me like you spent some time and took some of those leads that you got and converted some of them and put some deals together.
Joe: Right now, the system is very stable. We’re growing incrementally, still, and we have a lot of maintenance issues that we have to deal with on a daily basis because we’re dealing with other websites. We gather information from other websites and every time those websites change what they’re doing or how they’re set up or how they’re structured or do business, we have to change our structure a little bit in the background to make sure that our emails still get through, that we’re still able to pull the information that we need and contact the people we need to contact, whether it’s using Craigslist or eBay Classifieds or Backpage or Kijiji or Gumtree or whatever the site is that we’re going after. We still have to be able to get into the stuff in those sites.
Joe: So there’s a constantly ongoing maintenance and every once in a while it does go down for a few hours or a day, but it’s been up and stable and running very well for a long time now and I don’t think you’re going to have a problem with it – I think it might make sense for you. Go back in, give it another try and start bringing leads back in.
Joe: In addition to the things that you had when you signed up, we have some more features to this system (because we keep adding new features) like text blasts, voice blasts, etc. Text blasts are the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. We’ll get 40-50% response rates on our text blasts; it’s incredible to me.
Joe: Disclaimer: not everybody’s going to get that all the time, but when you get those kinds of response rates, it’s like, ‘Oh my goodness! This is exciting! We can make some money here!’ so text blasts are great, plus the response rate comes in almost immediately – within minutes of the blast, you’re getting responses.
Joe: Some of those responses are, ‘Don’t ever contact me again’ – angry responses, but whenever you do any kind of aggressive marketing, you’re going to have a few people that aren’t very happy with you. I used to do some pretty aggressive marketing and I had people threaten me on a pretty regular basis. But I’ve never been hurt, nobody’s ever done anything to me, nobody has ever sued me for marketing before; that stuff doesn’t normally happen.
Joe: I think that you should give it another try and see what you think and I think you’ll be happy with the results. Alright, good luck with it.

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