I Was Really Looking For Someone Who Had Passion, And Wanted To Be A Mentor


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I believe the best way to learn the business of real estate investing is to hear how others have done it. When these interviews were recorded, I asked the interviewer to ask questions that would help the viewer see how these folks got started.

I wanted to hear the struggles, the successes and a clear path and explanation of what they had to do to make these deals happen. I did NOT want them to be a bunch of people telling you how wonderful Joe Crump was. I wanted content, examples and real life experiences.

I hope we succeeded.

Case Study – Valerie Moore – Atlanta, Georgia

Valerie talks about some of the challenges she had on deals before she got into my mentor program. She also talks about some of the unfortunate experiences she has had with other real estate teachers. She understands that the “more people you help, the more money you make.” Her focus is on helping others and making a difference in the world with her business with integrity and honor.


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I Was Really Looking For Someone Who Had Passion, And Wanted To Be A Mentor

Valerie: My name is Valerie Moore. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I had already hired two, hired and fired, two mentors prior to Joe. I knew I needed a mentor. And I was looking for someone that I felt that was passionate about the business and that would give me some of that one-on-one time. Because what I found that most people do when you hire them, you get CD’s, videos, and things like that. But, and the one, I had given this person $2,000 that I was supposed to, you know, on a monthly basis, within two months, and I’d gotten less than an hour’s time. The person never had any time to speak with me. So I was really looking for someone who ad the passion and really wanted to be a mentor that wasn’t providing me nothing but just fluff. And so after following, I had been following Joe already prior to hiring these other people, and they made me believe that hey, you need to find someone that’s in your local area. The one that was in my local area was the one that wasn’t even given me an hour – for $2,000. So as I had been following Joe, I felt that he had the passion, he was providing information – even though it was just on YouTube. And I had also been receiving Joe’s letters. And I loved the way, the passion and the time that he put into it. And so that’s how I found Joe. Just by following him on the internet.

Valerie: I started with Joe just a month ago. Just about a month ago, and that was after, like I said, two other mentors that just didn’t have time for me. I went to a seminar in Atlanta, and after going to the seminar, I left there really pumped up, you know, I can do this thing. And I, this guy, who was a postman, and he had had issues with his property, myself being in the loss mitigation side of the business, I had tried to help him because he wanted to save his property. And, but he didn’t have money to pay anyone to help him with that. So I told him hey, stop past the office, you know, we can sit down, and, you know, I’ll call the lender for you to see if what we could do to help you save the property.

Valerie: He never took me up on that because he said he didn’t have time. Then when speaking to him later on, when delivering the mail later on throughout the weeks, he said that his brother had, you know, brought the mortgage current for him. So that had been six months, like, prior to the seminar. But I thought about him then, after the seminar, and I went to him. And I, you know, I spoke with him, said, “Hey, what’s going on with the property? How’s everything going?” And he said, “Oh, I moved out of that three weeks ago.” I’m like, “Really? I would like to see the property.”

Valerie: So, long story short, I end up doing what I now know was a subject to. I took over the mortgage, negotiated a second mortgage, that sort of thing, but I did it wrong. I had invested money in this property, not only to bring it current, but the property needed some extensive work and I’d thrown a lot of money into it. And then the insurance became due. I couldn’t get insurance because of the way I did the deal, was I did under a quit claim deed. That’s not the right way to do it. I found out later it wasn’t.

Valerie: Because I have really, I have somewhat a limit ownership of it, but then I knew enough about this because of being in the mortgage side of the business, I knew about the “due on sale” clause. And I was really concerned about it so I would not record the deed because I didn’t want the lender to come back and say, “Hey, you owe me this money right now because you’re an alien. I don’t know who you are,” that type of thing. So, I didn’t record the deed. But by not recording the deed, I knew it left me open for liens to be put on the property. I couldn’t get insurance on it, so I had to keep my relationship with the owner of that property which made my focus go from putting that money into the property to continue to fix it up to, I can’t do anything to protect my interest, I need to pay this bad boy off.

Valerie: Because I’m steady worrying every night about liens being put on the property, you know, if this guy, what if he files bankruptcy, you know, I can’t get insurance without him. I couldn’t do anything without him because the lender didn’t know I existed. So, again, that’s when I went back to look for a mentor. I needed to know how to do this deal right. It had a first lien of $25,000, it has second lien of $13,000 some odd dollars. I negotiated the deal with the lender on the second, which was Chase, and I got it for $2,400 and the first mortgage I just paid off a month ago. So I own the house free and clear now.

Valerie: My goal as a real estate investor is to leave like, a legacy for my family. I want to first and foremost, I love real estate and I want to make a difference to other people. I want to help, truly help people because I work in the foreclosure defense side of the business right now and I know that a lot of people that I speak with, they’re in this situation because of the recession. And I would like to provide those people with a second chance, while, you know, making money myself.

Valerie: I see where my knowledge, when it comes to the knowledge and love for real estate could be a benefit to a lot of people. So I want to do it all. I want to learn the strategies, I want to you know, have that, I want it well rounded. Because I feel that that’s the only way that you can really be that benefit that I’m talking about to those homeowners and first and foremost I believe exactly what Joe believes. And that’s the reason I decided to go with Joe even after losing thousands of dollars prior to him, was because he, I feel that has some of the same values that I have and it’s about integrity first. You focus on the person and the money will come. And I see that in Joe.

Valerie: I believe that the impact that it’s had on my life and family is the fact that it’s not about you. It’s really not about you. You are, I believe that we are for a reason. And that is to connect and help other people. It’s not about you. And when you look at it like that, and you go in in that particular way, it’s just amazing how that grows your business. Because when you talk about connecting with that person and integrity, it’s unfortunate in the world we are today, it puts you above everybody else. So that’s, you know, that’s the impact it has had on my life and my, I mean, even down from my daughter to my grandson, because my daughter was not interested in this at all until she started to see what was happening, you know, and see how this truly is about helping other people.

Valerie: Because you know, we don’t want to get into the religion thing, but, I have to always think about what does one need? Food, clothing and shelter. And you want to be part of, you know, the solution and not part of the problem. So it has opened that door for us to make sure, you know, that where we can provide a service, you know, with integrity, and that’s what it’s all about.

Valerie: I am not full time and God knows I pray every night that I can quit my job and do this full time. Because like I said, first and foremost, it’s my passion. And I don’t feel that you should do anything that’s not your passion. Because I make real good money right now but I hate, literally hate my job. I love real estate, and like I said, I see all the benefits in it but foremost it’s not about me. It’s – the way that you could say this particular job and make it benefit to so many other people who deserves it. You know, and so, I’m looking, I just can’t wait until I’m able to go full time.

Valerie: I’m working on the automation side of it. I have bought the Automarketer and do I see the benefit of it. However, I’m still learning it.

Valerie: I always believe you need to educate yourself first. You know, have some type of idea about what you want to get into. So, educate yourself first because you don’t know what you don’t know until you do something, you know, to educate yourself. Because a lot of us, like myself, for instance, like, the example that I gave earlier. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. So I hopped out there and did something that kept me up at night. So, I will say do your research. Do your due diligence. We have, most of us have access to the internet now. And so even if you don’t have it at home, go to the library or something like that. Educate yourself so you can realize what, in a sense what you don’t know. Because it will allow you to know that. It will let you know that hey, I need some help.

Valerie: It’s not about you. That’s the best message I can put out there. It’s not about you and if you don’t have a passion for the business it’s not the business for you. That’s what I’d say. I mean, I think you do not go out there, don’t treat anybody like you don’t want to be treated. Be up front and as honest as you possibly can because I don’t feel that we have enough people in this business being honest, don’t be selling people fluff. When you go to that person please provide honest information to whomever it is that you’re working with or doing business for. Because you don’t want to be part of the problem. We’ve got enough of that. You want to be part of the solution.

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