I’m In A High End, Million Dollar Market And Can’t Do Deals


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Read Transcript for “I’m In A High End, Million Dollar Market And Can’t Do Deals”

If you think you can’t make money in a high end market with zero down real estate investing, let me tell you why and how you can.

“I’m in a high end small market in Martha’s Vineyard where many of the sales are over a million dollars and are funded with cash from trust funds. Thus I need help in that type of market. I don’t seem to be able to make a dent as an investor.” – John Dowing

Joe: You have to look at the fact that there are a lot of people that are making a lot of money in real estate in Martha’s Vineyard right now, and you have to figure out how you can make money in that same market. If they’re making millions of dollars, how can you make money in that market as well?
Joe: To say that a particular market doesn’t work is absolutely insane. There are people making money in every market all over the country. Now, specific methods may work better in some areas than others, so you have to find the way that’s going to work best for you in your market.
Joe: The “For Rent Method” works very well in markets like this. It can work for you. Buying these properties on terms can work for you. You have to learn how to talk to these people and you have to learn not to be intimidated by people that have a lot of money.
Joe: I think it really comes down to that. With most people out there who live in a house that’s worth $200,000, they’re going to be intimidated by somebody that lives in a house that’s worth $1,000,000. They think that because of the fact that these people have more money, then somehow it’s a caste system and somehow they’re better than them. Even though they may know logically that’s not true, they still feel intimidated by people that are in that situation.
Joe: Don’t be intimidated. Go use the techniques that I’ve taught you, and then when you have specific problems that you’re running up against, let me know.
Joe: I think that the thing you need to practice is talking to sellers and learning how to speak persuasively to them. Use the audios that we’ve given you that I did with Jim and Azam and the “Push Button Method”. That’s a good way to start in this process. Good luck to you. Take care.

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