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Morrion: My name is Morrion Perryman and I’m from Pensacola, Florida. I was surfing the net one night and came across Joe’s material and I just dug a little deeper and starting reading up on his website. His website really kind of hit home with what I had been trying to do for a while, so I gave him a call.
Morrion: The first deal I did was here at the buying event. Actually I went over it with Joe and talked about it and once we got back, we got a lease option memo signed. It was amazing. We made $1,500 in less than 20 minutes talking on the phone.
Morrion: As we continued the For Rent Method, and after that, everything just took off. Our confidence level just skyrocketed and from there, we started doing more deals. This year, we should make over $100,000 – this year. With the way business is going right now, it’s just mind boggling for me.
Morrion: The first deal took less than 2 days. And I know that that’s not the norm, but again, we called here at the Buying Event, and once we got back the following day, the actual seller actually agreed to sign the lease option memo.
Morrion: My goal with the program that Joe’s created is to be a millionaire. That’s my goal – passive income, keeping the cash flow with the For Rent Method coming in and automating that whole entire process and actually building our portfolio.
Morrion: I’m already a disabled veteran so I did have a little bit of income coming in but this process with the real estate program that Joe’s created has – I don’t even see that money any more. It’s like it’s not even there. It’s not even the focus anymore. We’ve got so much business coming in now that that little check that we get from the military is just nothing now.
Morrion: This business has freed up my time to do whatever I want to do and sleep as long as I want. I see a future by passing this onto my children. It’s just changed everything. I’ve even explained this to my family members and they want to get more involved. You still have some of them that are still narrow minded. But it’s changed everything and I see a big future with this business. But as time goes by, I think once they see more results from me, that they’ll start to catch on to what’s going on.
Morrion: We have started using automation. We haven’t automated the entire process yet, but the buyers is the only thing that’s left to automate, but as far as the sellers and actually putting them into the autoresponder, all of that’s been automated already.
Morrion: For someone that wants to get started in real estate investing, you’ve got to take that first step, and once you get that first deal done, everything changes. For me, everything changed once that first deal was done. A confidence builder – you start networking more with individuals that are doing the same thing that you’re doing. So I would tell somebody to get somebody that’s like minded like yourself, and create that inner circle, and you guys will just work together to become even better. But this program has just changed my whole lifestyle. I wouldn’t even be here if this program hadn’t done what it was supposed to do. So I tell anybody, state your flag – state your claim.
Morrion: I did other guru programs. I didn’t spend a lot of money like a lot of other people, fortunately. That’s a good thing. But I did spend a little bit of money, but again, they don’t quite give you all of the information, just a little bit to get you going, and then that’s it. You’ve got to figure it out all on your own. And Joe’s program explains step by step what needs to happen. And that’s the big thing for me is that I think that’s had the big impact on my real estate investing career.
Morrion: I would just say, get Joe Crump’s program. Do exactly what he says. Be patient. For some, it may come sooner than others, but stay with it until you get that first deal done and it will be a different impact on your life once that happens. So definitely get involved and make that happen.

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