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In 2 Days I Made A $10,000 Option Fee


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Read Transcript for “In 2 Days I Made A $10,000 Option Fee”

Rafael: My name is Rafael Varela. I’m originally from Mexico but I’ve been living in the San Francisco, Bay Area for the last 23 years.
Rafael: He was talking about the lease and rent to own program and investments in general, buying with no down payment, no risk, no mortgage, no credit, etc. and I was quite skeptical, to be honest with you. But he kept sending emails. He had a lot of videos, also. I just sensed some sort of sensitivity in his voice and sort of that genuinity and that it was for real. So, after maybe 2 months that I was getting in deals which were quite formative, by the way, I decided to buy one of his programs. It’s called the Push Button Program. I got all of his tapes and I spent maybe a couple of weeks listening to them, and maybe put one deal during that first week that I was reading about the lease memos, and I was quite happy about it.
Rafael: I’ve gotten one deal, which I think it’s been about 2 or 3 months since I started doing deals, and to be honest with you, I haven’t put all of the time that I should put into these and having the consistency on the calling. I haven’t been consistent with what I do, but with the little that I’ve done, I was impressed with the first one that I did. This person that I know was renting the house for a while and they were having problems with the provisional property manager. And I talked with this person that I know and I said, ‘I know about this. I’ve read about this. Why don’t we give it a try?’ And I put the ugly sign on the door and we got phone calls like crazy.
Rafael: I sold that property on the second day. Someone was interested. He couldn’t live in it, in two days we couldn’t rent it and I couldn’t live in it myself. We collected a $10,000 option fee. I stayed with him because he’s someone I know. But on the back end, also he’s going to give me some more when they buy the property in a couple of years. So that was easy to save because he was quick. It was easy.
Rafael: But after that, to be honest with you, I’m shy by nature and it’s hard for me to call people on the phone because of the accent and sometimes I don’t understand them that well. But with the times that I find the courage to call, I’ve got a house we sold and since, I’ve got two more deals together also, one with a realtor and one with a For Rent that said he’d be interested and then we’d talk about it and put out the sign. And that’s pretty good.
Rafael: I’m getting better at it as I master the calling way – the way to talk to people. I still don’t know a lot about it. But I can see that the more I do it, the easier it becomes. The fear factor goes away even though I still have a lot, to be honest with you.
Rafael: From everything I’ve heard so far, that’s what I already heard on the tapes previously. But meeting the people on the conference calls, meeting whoever I talk to on the conference calls, meeting Joe and meeting Jim, putting a face to the phone calls, the networking that can come out of it and the relationships in that same type of business or situation I guess. Masterminding could be great – that’s what I’m looking for – masterminding with some of the other people.
Rafael: It’s definitely a great opportunity to have an extra income which could be converted into a full time job. I consider this to have some big possibilities to basically make a living out of it, a very good living by the way, in the short term AND the long term.

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