Investor Outsourcing How To Get Someone Else To Do All Your Work


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Investor Outsourcing How To Get Someone Else To Do All Your Work

Joe: The title of this video is Investor Outsourcing: How to Get Somebody to Do All Your Wok For You. You know, I want to only work a very short period of time. I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t put very many hours in every week on this real estate stuff. I want to be able to do other things. A lot of you know that I’m making movies and I have another business. I have a software business, the real estate Automarketer, the Pushbutton Automarketer. You know, I’m involved in developing that and I’m involved in my life with my family and the other things that I do with my life. I want to have time for those things and I don’t want to put in 40 hours a week at this real estate business. I only want to put in maybe 5 hours a week. And I probably don’t put in that much time. There’s some weeks I put in more, some weeks I don’t do anything at all.

Joe: So you want to learn how to be able to have a business that has continual income coming in and, but you’re not doing it. And the best way to do that is first, automation, that’s the first step of it, and second is elimination where you get rid of the junk that you don’t need to do. And you’ll find as you get better at this, you’ll discover all the things that you’re doing that you’re wasting your time on, get rid of all that, and then third outsourcing. Finding people to do the things that you can’t automate or get rid of. And also will consistently do that work for you so that you know that it’s getting done.

Joe: You know, I have quite a few employees. None of them work where I work. I work out of my home. They all work out of their homes. I’ve got people as far as Lebanon, Jamaica, you know, all over the United States, California, I’m in Indiana. I’ve got some people here in Indiana that work for me that I see every once in a while as well. I need some people that are local. But most of the time people can work out of their homes, they can work remotely. We do almost everything over the internet, whether it’s, you know, checking with the software to make sure those tasks have been done, doing those tasks, logging it into the software, sending emails back and forth with my other clients and copying me on those emails so that I can see what’s getting done and that it is getting done and I also set up my business so that this person who’s, I’ve got outsourcing doing this job over here, they can’t do their job unless this person who I’ve got doing this work over here does theirs.

Joe: That way, if this person doesn’t do their work, this person can’t do their work and this person tells me that they didn’t get that information. So I know that the system has fallen apart if one person’s not doing their work because everybody is dependent upon everyone else. And I structured the work tasks that they have in a way that makes that happen. And you can structure your own business the same way. Don’t give all the work to one person. Because if they don’t get it done, you may not find out about it for weeks, especially if you’re only putting a few hours in a week. You want to find out about it immediately.

Joe: Anyway, I hope that helps. Good Luck.

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