Is It As Easy To Succeed As You Make It Sound?


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Read Transcript for “Is It As Easy To Succeed As You Make It Sound?”

There is some work that has to be done when getting started investing in real estate, but – it’s worth it – let me tell you why.

“You make it sound so easy. Is it really so easy to succeed?”

Joe: Well, it’s simple; the process is simple. There’s a lot to learn and it can be complex, but if you boil it down to the things that are most important, it’s a very simple process.
Joe: But being simple doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy. Easy implies that you don’t have to do anything and that you can sit back and everything happens around you. If you don’t take action on this stuff, then you can’t succeed or build a business.
Joe: There’s other things you can do to build long term wealth that are very, very easy where you don’t have to do a darned thing to make it happen, where all you have to do is buy the property and the property will do all of the work for you, and you get a good management company in there and everything will be taken care of for you. You won’t have to mess with that. Those are things that I’m going to teach in other videos in the future, but that’s not something that creates immediate cash flow – it’s something that happens over a long term period.
Joe: If you want to create immediate cash flow, then you have to do the work. It’s not hard work – it’s not digging ditches and it’s not rocket science and you don’t have to be really smart to do it. You just have to have a decent personality and be able to communicate with people. If you have sales in your background, that’s going to help.
Joe: A lot of people tell me, ‘I don’t want to be a salesman. This is a terrible thing to be.’ It is a terrible thing to be a salesman that takes advantage of people and rips people off, but it’s a very valuable thing to be able to speak persuasively and get people to understand what you need that is going to help them.
Joe: It’s working in a consultation sales type of environment where you’re helping people discover what they need and help them see what the solution is, and that solution happens to be the thing that you can offer that’s going to make you money, so that the more people you help, the more money you make. It’s not a cutthroat type of sales business. If you learn how to communicate with people, you’re going to do a lot better.
Joe: So, if you have those skills already, this is going to be a lot easier for you. If you don’t have those skills, you’re going to have to learn those skills. Is that easy? No, it takes a little bit of practice. It takes a little bit of action and it creates a little bit of fear, so you have to follow through with the process.
Joe: But I’ll tell you; this is a lot easier than going to a job every day or working 40 hours a week. You can make the same amount of money you’re making at your 40 hour job with far less hours per week. I just can’t tell you how big of a difference it’ll make in your life as soon as you’re freed from that job. It’s going to be huge for you.
Joe: When you look at easy, it’s relative. This may be easier than doing your job at work or easier than doing 40 hours a week but it’s not easier than sitting on your butt in front of the TV eating popcorn. So, you have to make a decision and find the ability and the motivation yourself to take action on the things that you learn.
Joe: Even in my Mentor Program, I tell people, “Look, when you come into this thing, I’m going to tell you exactly what to do and if you’re not doing it, I’m going to tell you, ‘Hey, you’re not doing the work. You’re not going to succeed at it.’”
Joe: Don’t waste your time or your money and don’t waste my time with complaining if you don’t follow through with the process. If you follow through with the process, all you’re going to be doing is thanking me because you’re going to be making money. Hopefully that helps. Bye, bye.

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