Two Day Buying Event

It took 5 minutes to contact 131 home sellers. Within 1.5 hours, I had 31 MOTIVATED SELLERS respond to my offer

The NEXT 2 Day Buying Event With Joe Crump. Come buy houses with me. No credit or down payments are necessary.


I’m going to show you how to create enough automated monthly cash flow to quit your job – and I’m going to show you how to do it in six months or less.

Most folks who join my Six Month Mentor Program and come to my Two Day Buying Events start with one major goal in mind…

Monthly Cash Income = Quit Job


They want to create enough monthly cash income so they can quit their job and become full time real estate investors.

Some folks come to me who are currently unemployed and need to generate cash immediately. Some of them make $40k or $50k a year and want to replace it. Some of them make a high six figure income at their current job and need to replace that amount before they can quit.

I’ve had people in every one of these categories accomplish exactly what they set out to do. Many of them exceeded the income they previously made on their jobs and dramatically reduced the amount of hours they needed to work in order to do it.

When they started, almost all of them were ready to do something different than what they were currently doing. They were sick of their jobs, sick of not being in control of their lives.

FREEDOM – How To Create Enough Automated Cash Flow To Quit Your Job


They wanted true freedom – freedom that lets them decide how to spend their days, freedom that allows them to give the good things in life to the ones they love, freedom to take a day or week or a month off and not ever have to answer to a boss again.

They wanted the true American dream and they wanted it now.

The ONLY way to accomplish this is by getting the money rolling in as quickly as possible.

It’s too easy to get discouraged if it takes too long. I know this from experience – it’s got to be quick.

Make It Happen Now!


I engineered my Six Month Mentor program and my Two Day Buying Events to make it happen very quickly and it works amazingly well.

In fact, the very first hour of the very first day at my event, you will learn a simple technique for controlling real estate and making chunks of cash without using your money or your credit (or relying on anyone else’s) and do transactions and make money without risk.

And, that very day, I’ll have you making no risk offers on real estate right from the conference room. For a first timer, it’s exciting and maybe even a little bit scary.

Two Day Buying Event Results…


This is what we did at a recent Buying Event:
47 Students In The Room
97 Zero Down, No Credit Deals Put Together
In Less Than 3 Hours!

How many of you have actually made offers on houses in your own town from a remote location, without ever seeing it, without doing any due diligence, doing it over the phone, without spending a dime, without taking any risk, without using your credit or needing to set up any elaborate private money schemes?

Not very many, I’ll bet.

There isn’t anything particularly sexy about how we do these deals. It’s simple really if you have the right knowledge. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of old fashioned the way I set it up.

I’ve been doing transactions similar to this since I started in the business back in 1986. That’s a lot of years.

Of course, I have now added a new layers of automation and systemization – but we start the first day simple.

This method has worked for me and my students all over the country and in far corners of the world like Australia,
the UK, Europe, Malaysia and Canada. It has continuously worked in up markets and down markets, high end markets, low end markets, luxury home markets and junker markets.

It is the only method I know of that hasn’t been affected by the economy over all these years or by the value of
property in a specific area or by the availability of loans or credit or by the condition of a property or the condition of the city that the property sits in.

Telephone + Online website = Chunks of Cash


All you need to implement it is a telephone and an internet connection. I can tell you now, it’s not rocket science.

You can learn it in an hour one morning and be making real, bona fide offers before lunch – ethical, honorable offers that you can stand behind – offers that you can follow through on – offers that will make you chunks of cash and take very little time to implement.

So, that’s what I’m going to show you how to do the morning of the first day of my Two Day Buying Event.

By lunch you will be making real offers to real sellers.

We find that one out of every three sellers my newbie students make offers to, say yes.

Building A Buyers List 1,200 Buyers In 3 Months – Completely Automated


After lunch, I’ll show you how to get streams of buyers contacting you who want to buy these houses and give you a quick $3k to $20k (depending on the property).

I’ll show you how we sell these houses very, very quickly – our record is 5 minutes. 5 minutes that put $5,000 into
my student’s pocket.

Once you understand how to get the houses, once you learn how to sell them and take a quick chunk of money that you can put in your pocket to do whatever you want with – once you understand this and actually do it, then you will know how to quit your job and how to replace your income.

This will be the foundation of your business – this is how your money will be made.

But let’s say it takes more than 5 minutes to do a deal – unfortunately, most of the time it does.

Every time I ask one of my newbie students how long it took to do their first deal – how much actual time they
had in the deal, most of them say 5-10 hours – so, even if they only made $3,000 on the deal and it took 10 hours to
do, they made $300 per hour.

$300 Per Hour


How many $3k to $5k deals do you need per month in order to replace your income? 1?, 3? 4? 5?

4 deals a MONTH at $5k per deal, would mean a quarter million dollars of cash income per year. That’s not equity, that is cash in your pocket. Your business overhead is very small if you use my system.

And if it takes 10 hours per deal, that’s 40 hours of work per month – not week, per month. By the way, the more deals you do, the less time each one takes you. You’ll be amazed when you see how this works.

Okay, I expect for most of you, that sounds pretty good. More income, less work.

But… what if I could reduce the amount of work you have to do to do deals like this.

What if I could show you a way to make it easier to automate everything – to create a true Push Button Business?

The Push Button Automarketer


What if I could show you a way to never make an outbound call again and only take calls from motivated, ready to
go sellers who already understand how you work and want to work with you. You don’t have to worry about building credibility, you don’t have to worry about buying leads, you don’t have to do a bunch of due diligence on properties
that wastes your time and burns your energy.

You spend your time watching your system run the business for you. You only do the highest value tasks that take the least amount of time. You watch the leads come in and see them processed and watch your bank account grow as money is deposited for you. Eventually, you extract yourself from your business entirely and it runs itself.

That is what I do and that is what gives me time to teach it to you.

I know this sounds far fetched – like some kind of get rich quick scheme. But I tell you – it is no get rich quick scheme. If that is what you want, go some place else – if you don’t do what I tell you to do in this program, you won’t make a dime.

What I teach is a business building program and you have to treat it like a business, build it, tweak it and then you will be able to put it on autopilot.

A Brilliant Business System That Runs On Autopilot


After that, you have to put your hand in as time passes and push a button here, tweak a knob there – you become the
mastermind, the rainmaker and things start happening around you that make you money – not by magic – there’s no magic here, even though it seems like it sometimes. It happens because you’ve taken my proven system and plugged yourself into it. You’ve taken the automation, the outsourcing, all the push button techniques I teach and started the engine. Now it’s running on it’s own and generating it’s own capital, it’s own steam – sort of a perpetual motion machine.

It didn’t happen overnight. You may have struggled a bit to get all the pieces in place, but you stuck with it and now
you’ve got a business that will serve you for the rest of your life. Now you have your freedom and you determine how
much money you’re going to make.

There is a very clear path you need to take to create this reality. I’m going to give you that path, that step by step system. Step one, do this, step two, do that… and on and on. I’ve taken many, many students down this path to freedom in the past and I’ll take many more down it in the future.

Some of them started, but then fell by the wayside. They didn’t follow through, they didn’t do what I told them to do. Some of them didn’t even take the first step – they gave up because life got in the way – maybe they were afraid of their own success. They gave up on their dream and I can’t honestly say I always understand why… god knows, this program isn’t cheap.

But the ones who did – the ones who took those little baby steps at my Buying Event – the ones who did what I told them to do in the order I told them to do it – well you can watch the video interviews I did with some of them, you can read their stories, hear the audios – there are lots of them on my site, from all over the country, all over the world.

The Six Month Mentor Program And The Two Day Buying Event


The Two Day Buying Event is all day Saturday and Sunday. We also get together the Friday night before, usually in the lounge at the hotel where the meeting will be held. This gives me a chance to meet you face to face, to learn your story and hear your goals. It’s always easier to teach someone when I know their face, hear their dreams in person – make that connection. It also gives YOU a chance to meet the other folks in my program.

The Mastermind Group


Some of them are old veterans at what I teach, making a load of money – and they come back to learn the new stuff we came up with since the last event or maybe they want to pick my brain about how to expand their business, doubling it or tripling it sometimes in a few short months – or maybe they just want to brag a little – that is so much fun to hear.

Some of the folks there are brand new – the greenest, newest real estate investors you’ve ever seen who don’t know the difference between a title and a deed. The vets help the newbies – they remember what it was like the first time they came – they remember the folks who helped them and they are there to pass it forward to the next group.

Until you’ve experienced a group like this, I doubt that you have any idea what I’m talking about.

Six Months Of Personal Mentor Training With Joe Crump


When you sign up for the Two Day Buying Event, you also get enrolled in my Six Month Mentor program. It’s better if you’ve been in that program a few weeks or months before the event because that way when you come to the event, it won’t be so much like drinking from a fire hose. You won’t just be struggling to learn the basics, you’ll be getting the nuance.

The beginners are trying to figure out how to do the first deal – the vets are spending their time learning how to build their systems, automating their work and then, start building a portfolio of real estate that they keep and hold and will eventually make them quite wealthy.

I guess I haven’t really talked about building your portfolio of homes that you will buy without money or credit and will make you chunks of cash when you fill them with buyers, that you will hold over the long term and then, eventually have real assets that you can live on and eventually pass down to your heirs.

The first step is talking to sellers,


The second is finding buyers, the third is automating, the forth is outsourcing the fifth is building your portfolio and extracting yourself from the business.

I’m going to teach you all these steps and every little step in between and I’ll make you a master real estate investor. No one will hold a candle to your knowledge. Everyone will think that you’re an old veteran at this, even if you’ve only been in the business a few months. I’m not exaggerating. This happens to my students all the time.

If you want to continue after the six months, I’ve got some ways to make that happen too.

What Is It Worth To Change Your Life?


This is an expensive program and it’s not going to get any cheaper. After several years of keeping the price down, I’ve finally decided to raise it – but I’m not going to do that until this upcoming buying event is over.

My philosophy has always been to keep my group small because I PERSONALLY do the mentoring – I don’t outsource this to some $20 an hour guy. I only work with 100 people a year – that means over the six month program, no more than 50 people at a time. When I have more than that wanting to sign up, the best way to drop the membership again is to raise the price.

I know a lot of you want to do this program, but haven’t been able to afford it and this is just going to make it even more difficult for you – and for that, I’m sorry. But I have to move forward, I have to keep this program a viable business – that is the only way to sustain it – and I’ve never been ashamed of the fact that I don’t do this as a charity and that I make a lot of money doing it – but I also do it because I love it – I love to see people change their lives – you have no idea what kind of good karma that brings and how well I sleep at night because of it.

With that said…

I also have a few things that I require from you before I will let you join. I make these requirements because I have to personally work with you and there are some people I’m not willing to work with.

What You Must Do First


If you decide this program is right for you, I want you to read over the web page about the program to make sure you understand how it works and what it includes. After you do, I’d like you to call me, my phone number
is on the site.

I want to talk to you personally. Please don’t call unless you have the resources to do it and you are willing to follow through with the program the way I tell you. I don’t need people trying to reinvent the wheel – I love input from my students and I’ve learned a huge amount watching them work, but in the beginning, when you get started, trust the fact that I know what I’m doing and follow my lead.

Also, don’t call if you are a whiner or a complainer.

People like that are poison and I don’t want them in my life or mucking up my group.

Right now, this program costs $10,000. Like I said before, it’s not cheap.

But if you qualify, there are some discounts and even a payment plan where I will personally finance a large part of the program for you. If you do it that way, you can get started with as little as $2,000.

When I raise the price, I haven’t yet decided how much higher I am going.

There aren’t any programs out there like mine that give you all the things I give you, who don’t try to sell you anything else once you join and who give you an opportunity to work directly with the guy who created the system – to become part of his personal Inner Circle. I’ve been watching the prices go up on these other programs – I expect you’ve seen them out there – some of them are $25k, $50k… I saw one recently that cost $75,000.

I know that sounds like a lot, but if they work, that’s really not a bad price. Attorney’s and Doctors spend two or three times that much to get through college so they can start making a six figure income… of course it takes them 9 or 10 years before they make a dime and even then, they have to work for slave wages a few years after they get their degrees.

If you bought a franchise business, a business with a proven system in place – say, a Subway Sandwich store – you could make, free and clear, after expenses, $50k or $60k a year IF you’re in a good location and – you only have to work 60 or 70 hours a week – and by the way, you had to pay $300k or $400k to set it up.

So maybe, paying $10 grand isn’t such an expensive price after all.

Well that’s all for now. Go check out my website about the program. It’s at:

You can also watch some of the video interviews with my students at:

Here’s a link to a video interview with me below. I explain the kind of deals we do on that video – you may even be able to get going on deals like this by just watching this video. It’s at:

You might also want to check out my Automarketing software program. You can now get seller financed leads to call you and say “yes” to your zero down offers – that is what this software system does:

Come to my Two Day Buying Event, join the Mentor program – it’s all included in the price (the Automarketer is an additional) (you can even bring your partner or spouse for NO extra charge), learn how to turn your life around,  gain your freedom and never worry about money again.

For those of you who are ready, I look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, working with you and hopefully, partnering on deals with you in the near future.

Best Wishes,



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