It Took Six Months to Do My First Deal, But Now We Are Averaging $10,000 Per Month


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“It Took Six Months to Do My First Deal, But Now We Are Averaging $10,000 Per Month”

Joe: My name is Joe Rodriguez. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. How did I hear about the program? I was searching through the internet and I came upon Joe Crump’s name several different times and then I took a look at his e-book, started reading it and sounded like something I could actually do. So I just tried to apply it on my own and then eventually figured I needed to go beyond that point and so I initially made a contact to Joe Crump and I was surprised he answered my phone call, and convinced me that he was for real.

Joe: Well, I was trying to get a better understanding of how to structure lease options, how to do that, and I’ve read about it. I was exposed to it, but there’s always pieces of it that was left missing. It’s like you go to these other gurus and they give you, and they sell you on the secret sauce, but they don’t give you the whole ingredients, how to put it together and so I’m, basically I was just searching for more information trying to figure out how to do it on my own, and then eventually I read his book and it seemed like the answer was all there. And then I decided that it was best that I actually, see if this guy, if Joe Crump was actually for real. And he was, and is. And pretty much history after that.

Joe: Looking for another source of income and reestablishing myself after the crash. Because, you know, basically, like everyone else I got devastated by the market crash. And then trying to find work was not as easy as it was before the crash, so I was looking at opportunities how I can establish myself and not be dependent on the government for any assistance, but actually build something for myself that I could carry on and leave to my kids as a legacy. So that’s what really got me moving forward.

Joe: The first deal I did, well after a couple of trials and errors, and trying to do things the way you think it should be done, not the way Joe tells you to do it, and contradicting him, it took me six months.

Interviewer: And how much did that make you?

Joe: Four thousand.

Joe: I made some mistakes. Got almost to a point where I felt it was not going to work and then I just kept on and then eventually everything started falling in place. And now it’s at a point where I can walk anywhere and pretty much figure out how I can assist a home buyer or even, actually it’s the seller, on selling his property. As long as I know what their situation is I can diagnose a solution for them. So it’s really the key is knowing what, how to better serve them in what they need. What they’re situation is. As long as you know what their situation is, then you can actually help people. But if they don’t tell you everything, you can’t diagnose, you really can’t come up with a solution because you’re guessing. And that’s what I was doing for six months. I was trying to put something together without all the pieces in place.

Joe: One of the best deals was when I really, when I helped this estate owner who had been trying to sell their house for two years and was unable to sell it and I came in and was able to get it under contract in less than forty-five days and actually helped another, a tenant buyer who was in a bad situation get her to a better place. She was in a situation where she needed to move out. She was actually being told to leave. And everything just came in place. So the best part is when you’re helping, and you just don’t help one person, you help both parties at the same time. So, the greatest gratification was like two weeks ago when we did one in, my wife and I, the tenant buyers were so grateful that they expressed, I mean, it’s emotional. That’s all I can tell you. It’s, you know, when you help people, it’s a big difference. There’s a big difference there. I don’t know how to explain it, you know? You get emotional about it, but I mean, I love helping people, so that’s the great part about it. And we’re providing a service that really helps and as long as everybody’s honest, you can help as many people as you can as long as their truthful to themselves and you can help a lot of people and that’s what I like about it. I’m able to create I guess a lifestyle where I can actually enjoy helping people and making a living doing that. And that’s really where the direction I’m going towards.

Joe: It depends on the transaction, but I try to net at least thirty-five. Well, it depends on the situation. Realistically, when you’re looking at what the market value is and what you can actually sell it for and how quickly you can make it happen and it’s, I guess I don’t really have a standard amount, but there is a fixed amount in my head that I like to realize. But it’s, it depends on the parties on working with, you know? But minimally I like to make at least thirty-five. We just did one last week, it was for, we helped somebody who was in the, who was getting ready to do a short, you know, give up, you know, basically give up on their home and follow the advice of somebody that says do a short sale. So, the way we did it is that we took less to help them be able to reinstate the, to catch up on their payment, not reinstate, but catch up on their payment so that the new tenant buyer could come and go from that point on. So, it’s on a case by case basis, but standard, like, you know, thirty-five to five thousand, basically.

Joe: This month alone I closed, this month alone we’re going to close three. That’s the challenging part is trying to conduct this business while you’re actually working your regular nine to five. Working as a team my wife and I, you know, just put in the time. Just put in the time on, try to make those calls and try to follow up as quickly as possible because that’s the key factor right there. My goal is to get to a point where, to get back to where I was prior the cash. Making the same kind of income, but not being stuck to a nine to five job and being able to help my family and help others grow as I grow. Get more stable and eventually build a portfolio that I could actually pass on to my kids so that they don’t have to worry at age 50 having to start all over again because the, because I didn’t plan ahead.

Joe: There’s a higher level of confidence now knowing that you’ve done this and that it’s a service that’s needed. There’s a lot of people out there we can help. Not everybody wants to be helped but just those, you know, it just opens up a whole new avenue of, and I just see a path toward prosperity, that’s what I see. And prosperity, the definition depends on the person, but I see a point where we don’t have to worry about the things you used to worry about before. Just moving forward. That’s it.

Joe: Yeah, actually, yes I do. Sometimes I think it’s holding me back.

Interviewer: Do you plan on ever just doing this full time?

Joe: I am doing it full time. Even though it’s part time, but it’s full time. Because I’m not putting two hours, I’m not putting three hours. I’m putting seven days a week to get to a point where I can delegate and start, you know, sacrifice now so that in the future I can start relaxing. And then hopefully make it into a big family business.

Joe: Yeah, it’s been automated from day one. I actually purchased Autoresponder, I mean, push button Automarketer because it made sense. I mean, because, how do you keep track of all the activity that you’re being, that you’re generating if you’re doing it manually? It’s, you know, it’s like I tried to do it like that in the beginning and it’s just seems too much, it’s just more work to do it that way. Technology is so pervasive that you need to use technology because that’s just how things are done now. You want to move, if you want to, I just realized that you have to come out of the cave if you want to embrace what we’re doing and make your job easier. And just utilize the automation that’s out there. I mean, it makes your job easier, just, but you have to learn how to use the, how to follow up with the, you know, with the push button method, because it is an automated system, it’s all internet based, so you have to get over your comfort zone and be, and start embracing the technology that’s out there. So once you do that it’s, you’ll get a lot of activities and then with that activity, you know, as you just go back to the old fashioned way of doing things, pick up the phone, and start talking and see what you can do.

Joe: The way Joe has set up the system all you really need to do is enter your criteria basically, what area that you’re looking at. I go to Craig’s list and just start scraping whatever I can. And the thing is, the key point is to make sure that you’re getting individuals that are actually selling their home, not through, not a realtor or broker, but actually for sale by owner. And the system does it all for you. It does everything. All you have to do is set the criteria and everything and go from that point on, so it’s really, like he says, it’s pushbutton. Just push the button and then follow up after that. And then when you start getting calls make sure you follow up on that, too, as well. So it’s, I mean there’s work involved. It’s not a magic potion or anything like that. You actually have to work, but it’s well worth it.

Joe: Well, I guess the first thing you can probably do is download his e-book, read it, if you like what you hear, then get involved in his program. Because that’s the only way you’re going to know. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you need somebody to tell you, hold by the hand, so that you have a better idea why you’re making mistakes, how to correct them and how to move forward to achieve the objective that you want to achieve. And you need a mentor. You need somebody that knows what he’s talking about, has done it, is doing it, not somebody that’s, you know – my recommendation is try the program. You can buy his e-book on Amazon and then just, it’s a one-day reading, basically, and then from that point on you decide whether or not this is something that you want to do. And if you have any common sense you’ll want to do it. I just think that Joe Crump is God-sent. That’s all. I mean, he’s opened up my eyes. I see a long term relationship with him. That’s what I see. And I’m just grateful that I discovered him and my wife and I both are grateful for what he put together because it’s having an impact. And that’s pretty much it.

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