It Works So Well Because Sellers Are Really Struggling Right Now


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Read Transcript for “It Works So Well Because Sellers Are Really Struggling Right Now”

Sally: My name is Sally Cevasco and I’m from Bel Air, Maryland. I’ve bought a lot of programs and have made some investments but was looking for a perfect niche or program or system that would work without risking more money and without owning property that I didn’t want to own. I really wanted to find that strategy that was going to work for me now.
Sally: The major difference – they all have something worthwhile I’ve found. You can learn from everything, and they’re great but unfortunately, they’re very expensive and once you buy them, you’re pretty much on your own. If you didn’t get it at the seminar or the boot camp and you can’t seem to grasp it or you run into a roadblock, there’s no one to help you. You can’t fax Joe and ask him for an answer, and he’ll pick up the phone and call you. And that’s how his system works. And I was very impressed right from the start. When I did have a question, no matter what it was, Joe responds immediately. He’s reachable. The other ones are untouchable once they sell you their program. They’re great people but they’re selling it to so many people that – giving the boot camps and seminars to so many people that it’s impossible for them to do a hands-on mentoring program.
Sally: I put together a lease purchase option buyer into a condo that was brought to me by a different buyer which he teaches. I’ve been hugged and God blessed several times and they all couldn’t be happier, and I made $3,000 by making people happy.
Sally: I only got started a couple of months ago really full swing here. Not even full swing really, just in my spare time. But I have many in the pipeline. I have almost 50 buyers on my buyers list. And I have about 11 houses that are listed, and of course as they get taken up, they’ll come off the list while I replace them with 2 or 3 more which I just did downstairs calling for rent ads.
Sally: I can just tell you that if I can fit in some of this marketing and all of these different things that I really didn’t spend a lot of time on, anybody can do this in any spare time, because I haven’t even scratched the surface of everything that I know I can do with it. I’m still getting residual calls from everything, the signs and even the ads I placed 3 weeks ago – people still call on.
Sally: I try to juggle the day job and those responsibilities first because I have to. They do still send me a paycheck, so I do still have priorities for that job and it can be quite demanding. And so I don’t even have a set time each day or so many days a week or certain days a week – I have to fill it in. I have to do it when I have a moment or two or steal some time here and there.
Sally: Sometimes I will answer the phone when its 7 or 8 at night and it’s a buyer calling me. I find that if I do answer and I talk with them, the next thing you know, they’re signed up and they’re on the list and I might put a deal together. So it’s something that I’m doing now. I won’t have to do that forever. Eventually, I’ll outsource a lot of this. But its good experience at the beginning, to know how to put it together and to know how to talk to everyone, whether it’s a buyer or the seller or an investor, even.
Sally: My short term goals are to crank this particular method up to warp speed when I return, and by the end of this year, to have given my notice at my day job, and to be able to at least turn over 2 deals a month to replace that.
Sally: I bought his Push Button program first so I kind of did it backwards from most of the mentor students. So I was automating before I even started getting into the Mentor Program. I did voice blasts and I set up the websites. I bought those. I was trying to automate it as much as possible because of the fact that I don’t have a lot of spare time.
Sally: And, it all works. All of it works and it’s a tremendous tool to be able to automate all of this and I know that I can do a lot more of that, so I’m looking forward to learning that while I’m here.
Sally: Hearing other people describe their answers, and Joe telling us, from his experience, all of the different angles. There’s a lot of creativity involved and it’s fun to hear it from other people, because its hard sometimes to think of it on your own. It opens up a lot of doors for you because you can do deals that you really didn’t think were deals if you know that information. And, what it’s going to do for me when I get back is I’m going to steal more time to continue to set these things up and really, really crank it up and get it rolling fast enough so that I’m putting together those deals, a couple a month at least.
Sally: Actually, after talking with Joe recently on the call, I’m going to go back to some of my buyers and revisit them because I think I have some houses that would fit them already on the list. I rejected them initially, thinking they weren’t qualified to do it and it turns out that I just had a different mindset and I was analyzing it too much. So, I think I still have more deals at home that I didn’t put together that can be put together.
Sally: I would highly recommend it to people who aren’t in my area. I would recommend it to anyone. I like the fact that I’m the only one in my area that’s doing this and knows how to do it. But I would like to work with others. Joe and I already talked about that – how to do it so that I don’t give away all of the answers to them, but help work with them, let them get in on it, and do some of it but not have them run their own businesses and take away the thunder.
Sally: This program right now – this strategy, in my area, works extremely well because people are really struggling. They can’t get their houses sold and they’re really desperate to have a solution, so this is a win-win-win for everybody.

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