I’ve Tripled My Income Since The Last Video I Made


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“- I’ve Tripled My Income Since The Last Video I Made”

Daniel: Daniel Riegel, Galatia, Illinois. About a year I guess, just searching through investor videos online and found Joe. I got my first one, I think it was maybe three to five weeks, maybe.

Interviewer: And how much did that make?

Daniel: Five thousand on the first one. Between me and my wife and talking to the people listing it and all the stuff, it was only about ten hours. So, it was really good. I just picked the house, $2,500, after-renovated value is $80,000. I got it for $40,000. $2,500 down which we went through a closing so by the time they paid the taxes and everything, three or four hundred bucks, had an $80,000 house, you know?

Daniel: them, tried to lease option it. They were very skeptical because they had done similar stuff like that before and it didn’t work out at all. So the best thing for them was just to sell it to me on a contract for deed, so they didn’t have any worries about it. They just turned it over to me, pretty much.

Daniel: Well, mostly I’m trying to acquire properties for my own personal portfolio so I lease option my own stuff so that keeps it consistent. But at the same time I’m doing you know, lease options, wholesale, contract – whatever – you know, all of the above. It’s an all of the above strategy so it just keeps me busy if I’m constantly working on it.

Daniel: Financial freedom, but I’ve pretty much achieved that and now my, your cost of living goes up the more money you make, you know, and now I want a Tesla and bigger house and you know, I still, it’s nice to have the experiences and the financial freedom. And now that I have those things it just kind of builds and I want more, you know?

Daniel: I’m much happier because I’m stress free. And like I said in the last video, my stress is directly proportionate to how much money I have. So if I have more money I’m definitely happier, less stressed. I’ve tripled my income since you know, the last video I made. Just things bigger, more of the same. Just more of it. It’s getting easier each, this is my third buying event and it just, it’s more comfortable whenever you talk to anyone about any of it, what you’re talking about.

Daniel: Just the more that you do. The more you do the more you learn, the more comfortable you are.

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