I’ve Used What I’ve Learned In This Program To Pay Off Most Of My Student Loan Debt


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I believe the best way to learn the business of real estate investing is to hear how others have done it. When these interviews were recorded, I asked the interviewer to ask questions that would help the viewer see how these folks got started.

I wanted to hear the struggles, the successes and a clear path and explanation of what they had to do to make these deals happen. I did NOT want them to be a bunch of people telling you how wonderful Joe Crump was. I wanted content, examples and real life experiences.

I hope we succeeded.

Case Study – Andrew Brennan – Baltimore, Maryland


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I’ve Used What I’ve Learned In This Program To Pay Off Most Of My Student Loan Debt

Andrew: My name is Andrew Brennan and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I’d been looking for ways to find passive income and a lot of the stuff that I kept seeing on the internet and from other friends required that you have lots of money, do loans, and seek private investors and I guess I was trying to find something that didn’t require anything, or very little. And just after searching the internet and YouTube I slowly stumbled onto his videos and he seemed honest, because there’s so many people out there that have different real estate programs and ninety percent of them are scams. And you know, I emailed him and could call him. That’s a real person to me. So, his program and his story was, seemed inspiring and legit so I thought I’d give it a go. And it’s definitely been worth it because I’ve been able to pay a lot of bills doing the stuff that he teaches.

Andrew: The best deal I’ve done was last fall. It was a waterfront property and it was actually a lead that one of my friends that I do this with, it was a guy that was moving out of town and he wanted to sell his house. He didn’t have much equity and we were able to list it for about $400K. It was worth probably $370K and I made, after taxes, a little bit over $6,000. So that pretty much paid for the course itself. Of course a lot of that money though, went to bills, paying down more debt. That’s really why I got into the program is just to, kind of something to pay down my student loans because I have about $40K worth of them and most of that is paid off now and now the longer I’ve been in the program I can see that you don’t have to use it as a vehicle to pay bills. You can eventually use it as something that can replace your full time income to a much greater extent and that’s kind of where, the direction I want to head in is to the point where I could be making six figures and replace my full time income so I can use this as a vehicle to do other things that I want to do.

Andrew: Average income is a little bit over $4,000. I’ve only done five deals. But, most of the houses in my area are worth roughly $300K. I know it could be much higher. And $4,000 income I think is just, it’s variable for each person. I think I could do much more. I’ve been giving away half my profits because I’ve been doing it with somebody else. So, eventually, probably sometime soon I’m going to cut that off because I really don’t need another person now. I kind of know how to, how this process works. So, it’s been about $4,000, but you know, in reality it could probably be closer to $10,000.

Andrew: The first deal was five months. I’ve done, in a year and a half, I’ve done five deals. So, no, not consistently. But, that has nothing to do with the program or the Automarketer. The reason I haven’t been closing it consistently is just out of pure laziness. I’ve done stuff here and there and then I’ve taken a month or two or three months off. So, no, it’s not consistently, but I know if I were to keep at it, it definitely could be consistently. That’s how confident I am because I know it works. So, yeah, that’s the approach I’m going to take is to make it more consistent because the longer I’ve been in this the more I realize that I want to eventually replace doing sales with my current job to something that I actually enjoy and I can control my money and time and not have somebody else do that.

Andrew: Over the next three to five years I’d like to be in a position to where I can work for myself while making six figures. But eventually I would like to use this to be able to buy what I think is more important than money. Of course money and time is correlated, but, I want to use this as a vehicle to allow me to go off and do other things, experiences. I’m not really in to buying fancy clothing or cars or, you know, a big house. I’d rather be able to go to the Bahamas or travel to Hawaii and not be limited by money or be limited by a job. So, yeah, the goal is in the next couple of years to be able to walk away and be able to earn six figures and I eventually want to start doing Subject To rental properties because I think that is definitely winnable strategy long term. It just takes time, as all investments do.

Andrew: Again, that’s another reason that’s just bee on me because I have been dabbling in it here and there. There’s, you know, it definitely should be more consistent and that’s one thing Joe says is to commit. And my commitment has been here and here and here and here. I’ve done it and I haven’t done it and that’s just because I haven’t made that full commitment yet.

Andrew: If you don’t have much money, and I wouldn’t recommend doing loans or, I mean, if you have private money that could be a source to help flip properties. You can also lose your shirt quick. But I would recommend look into seller financing. Find ways to do that. Do creative financing. Because it’s going to be harder that way and you have to kind of get out of your own head because you’re going to have to sell people on doing it and there’s only going to be about five percent of properties that will do what you want to do, but they are out there because there’s people that are always in unique situations and you can help them. But I would recommend doing seller financing and I also would recommend to fight the fear of reaching out to people. That’s one thing that kind of slowed me down a little bit and you know, the worst that can happen is just them saying no. There will be people that beat you up a little bit on the phone but you know, just move on, because you know, like I said, the worst thing they can say is no. So, just jump in. Don’t use private money or loans and really read into seller financing because that’s a way you can do it without putting yourself at risk.

Andrew: My family not so much. They think it’s kind of crazy because when I explain this stuff to them, they, family and friends, they’re just kind of stuck in the conventional way of you can’t do that. You need private money. You know, you have no experience. Which I think is kind of a motivator for me because the more others try to drag you down, it’s like, the more you want push through. But on my personal life, I can honestly say that the program has paid for itself. It’s allowed me to sleep better at night because I have more money in the bank and as I mentioned before, I have a lot of student debt. And most of that is gone. I have only about $5,000 left, so it’s definitely, this program has saved me from a strangling payment that I was doing before. And it’s also just opened my eyes to see that there’s more that’s possible for you than, you know, just the conventional way of go to school, get a job. You know, if you can make this full time it’s going to open up a lot of possibilities because you don’t have to do this full time. This is something that, you know, when I do make that commitment and do it consistent, I’ll do it for an hour or two hours every day, and you know, you have a lot of time on the weekends. So, yeah, it’s opened my possibilities to see that, you know, you can be more than a lemony job.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s one of my big hurdles is that I just need to stay committed to it. I don’t think you need to do it full time because the way this is set up is you can do it one or two hours and still be successful. Honestly, with the For Rent Method, like I’ve been starting out, it’s going to take you some time at the beginning but I don’t think, once you get good on the phone, you’re going to be able to do it a lot quicker. It’s not going to take ten hours a week. It may take a couple hours a week. Because you can throw an ad on craigslist if you want to show the property and you know, have somebody do it for $10 and hour and put lock box on the door. Put signs around the yard. So, in terms of full time, yes, I want to make the commitment, not so much with the For Rent deal, I’m going to continue to do that, but I want to do, start doing other deals, Subject To’s, land contracts, I just want to wrap my head around that better. That’s why I’m coming back here.

Andrew: With the For Rent Method, I will say there’s a few different approaches I’ve taken at this and I’m going to talk about this because most people coming in to this program are started out with that. And the Automarketer will definitely help and they’ve made the improvement that it pulls from Zillow which I think, this is just my opinion, I think it’s a lot better than craigslist because the leads are more qualified and there’s not as many hurdles that you have to go through. Because craigslist, they always change things which, you know, for me, has made it harder to get leads. But if the Automarketer doesn’t work, one thing I will say that has worked for me is you can go on craigslist and I would filter out the rentals, the make me moves, and the for sale by owners, and you can compile a list and a spreadsheet based on that and with the rentals you can go on it and you can see that it’s listed with an agent. You can also see if it’s just an individual property manager because there’s not going to be a realtor’s sign on there or realty, but you can make a list of 50, 60 people and because I hate cold calling a lot, what I would do is, sometime throughout the week I would send text messages from my phone and I would have it the way Joe had se it up, would you consider selling your house rent to buy? And sent that out to everybody.

Andrew: And most people are going to say no. But, you know, ten to fifteen out of fifty of those people will respond maybe yes, call me back. And you can call those people up and have a little research on the property and I’ve been able to put together two of those, two deal that way. So it’s definitely possible if you can’t do the Automarketer, just get more creative.

Andrew: In the coming months I’m going to press restart and start making a commitment to do this on a regular basis. I’m going to use the Automarketer as well as some of my own methods and get the For Rent going and I’m also going to try to start structuring other zero down deals, Subject To’s, land contracts, because I think that’s a win/win situation over the long term and for the people. I mean, the people I will say, when you reach out to them they’re going to, a lot of them are going to say you’re crazy, that’s not going to benefit me, but if they really can understand how this may help them, they can see that it is beneficial and this could be a viable alternative because I will say, I mean, I talk to endless people that do this and they look at me like I have three heads. It is possible. It’s unconventional. But, you know, it will work. These ways I think are the best way to get involved with real estate. You don’t have to do it the way of going to the banks or relying on daddy’s sugar to provide you with lots of money. It’s possible to do it with little to nothing and this program is a vehicle to do that if you take action and you stop listening to the limiting factors in your head and from the outside. It can work.

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