Lead Organizing System Automatically Picks The Easiest Real Estate Deals


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Read Transcript for “Lead Organizing System Automatically Picks The Easiest Real Estate Deals”

You can save a ton of time and energy sorting through your real estate leads with our artificial intelligence lead sorting system – no more poring through your leads trying to find the easiest deals – our system does it for you, automatically classifying your leads into ‘No’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘Call me now’.
Joe: Our proprietary artificial intelligence lead sorting system will automatically classify the leads for you when they come in so that you can focus on the most highly motivated sellers first and allow the automated follow up system to handle the rest.
Joe: When an email response comes in from the seller, the system is contacted, and then our artificial intelligence lead sorting system will read the email and determine if it fits into one of three motivational level categories. Those categories are ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘Call me now’.
Joe: ‘Yes’ leads are automatically put into a follow up campaign that sends out a series of personalized emails over time. This campaign asks the seller to go to your web page to hear about your offer on their house and get the ball rolling. Leads that respond with a no are put into an email follow up system that automatically sends them an email every three weeks. This lets them know we’re still interested if they change their mind, and they often do. ‘Call me’ leads get sent directly to your smartphone or desktop. You’ll get a phone number and a link to the ad they ran. This allows you to know exactly who you’re talking to when you call them back. Let me show you how it works.
Joe: As your email campaign goes out, you’re going to start getting lead responses. If you go to the lead response tab, you’ll be able to see the leads as they come in. Each of these leads has been classified. A thumbs-down means they said no. A thumbs-up means they said yes. A telephone means they want you to call them now.
Joe: If it says thumbs-down, then it puts them into the auto responder and sends them an email (but it doesn’t send it for three weeks). If it says thumbs-up, then it’s going to send them an email right away and send them to our website that tells them about the offer that we make. This educates them and teaches them about the system. There’s an audio that they can listen to and if they’re interested, they can fill out this form and give us their information about their property. With the people who give us their phone number, we want to call them immediately.
Joe: The way this system works is by using a classification filter keyword list. It can be changed and modified any way you like. We’ve already set it up for you so that it’s pretty accurate, and you can always improve upon it or change it based on how your system is working for you.
Joe: As you can see, as you start getting a lot of lead responses, it’s going to be hard to keep up with them. That’s why it’s important to have them put into the auto responder, sending them continual emails over the next month or two. In the old days, before we had this filtering system, we had to call everybody back, putting them on a follow up system and then calling them back personally. We no longer have to do that; it’s all done automatically.
Joe: When put together, this whole system will reduce your effort as a real estate investor by about 90%. All you have to do are the things that make the most difference, which are talking to the seller, making the offer and putting the deal together.

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