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Read Transcript for “Listen To The Core Training Audio – The “For Rent” Method”

Joe: Now that you’ve gotten your email messages going out and you’ve gotten your voice blasts going out, you need to figure out how to talk to these people and how these deals are structured.
Joe: Go to the training tab and then scroll down the page or just click on ‘Training Conference Call Recordings With Joe’ which just by scrolling down the page, you can do the same thing.
Joe: You’ll want to listen to the ‘For Rent Method” audio and you’ll also want to listen to ‘Talking To Sellers’. These are the two things that you need to know in order to put these deals together if you’re talking to people that are calling in. This is very important that you understand this stuff, and I suggest that you listen to these several times. It’ll make it easier for you.
Joe: But with whatever happens, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry that you’re going to screw things up. Don’t worry that you’re going to sound like an idiot – you probably are, I mean, that’s what happens when you’re just starting out with something – you’re going to sound like you really don’t know what you’re talking about, and that’s okay.
Joe: You’ll find that some people – and I see this all the time because I do this at my buying events with my mentor students, where we actually make calls in the class right after I teach them how to do this system. I see them putting together deals constantly. Even though they’re stumbling over their words or they don’t know what they’re talking about, most of the time, people are pretty nice. Sometimes, people are going to hang up on you. I always say that if they hang up on you, that’s sort of a badge of courage and it’s a positive thing for you because it helps you learn how to deal with that kind of rejection.
Joe: So, don’t let it get you down. Just move on and then, when you get the next lead, talk to that person. Remember, these people are calling you asking you for your help. Have a little bit of compassion for them. Think about the problems that they’re dealing with and try to solve it. And if you do that, it’s going to make it really much easier for you when you’re putting this stuff together. If they get the feeling that you’re just there to make money and screw them out of some dough, they’re not going to work with you. They’re not going to trust you; people can tell that stuff.
Joe: So, go at it with a giving spirit. Do the best you can for them and solve the problems that they have. I think that when you listen to these audios, it’s going to give you a better understanding of how to do it.
Joe: If you haven’t gotten your sites set up yet, you need to do that immediately. You’re running out of time. Don’t lose the time that you’ve got here, so get the sites set up. If you need help with getting the sites set up, send us an email, or you can go to and you can put in a ticket there. I’ve got some guys that are really good at helping you put this stuff together.
Joe: Get the ball rolling. Start getting some email blasts going out. You have to come back, once you set up your email blasts, they don’t go out forever – just the ones that you send out go out. So go back a few days later and send out some more.
Joe: Give yourself time as you go through these. All of these leads are people that need your help, but not all of them know that they need your help. So this is part of what you need to learn when you learn to talk to them, and that’s why this ‘Talking To Sellers’ is so important.
Joe: As you have more time, listen to these other audios as well. There’s a ton of really good information here about how to deal with these people. And when you start getting into these question and answer sessions… And then there’s two more question and answer sessions down here – there’s, I don’t know – 7 or 8 hours’ worth of questions and answers from people that have been doing this and that are wanting to know how to put all of this together, and I suggest that you go through and listen to those as you have the time to do it.
Joe: But, don’t let not knowing keep you from starting. The best way you learn this – the only way you learn this – is by actually doing it. Yes, you need to have the basics, but once you have the basics, then you just need to get into it and start getting those words into your mouth and get used to saying them.
Joe: Also, you’ll want to pull up the For Rent Method contracts because you’re going to be needing a lease option memo as soon as somebody says yes. You can also use your clone sites because the clone sites have a lease option memo online.
Joe: Anyway, I just want to get you started, get you into the training, get you going through some of this stuff and get the ball rolling – that’s what’s most important. Alright, good luck to you.

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