Make More Money by Investing in More than One Real Estate Market


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Make More Money by Investing in More than One Real Estate Market

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Make more money by investing in more than one real estate market. If you were in a position where you could buy properties in multiple cities, multiple states, all over the country, maybe all over the world, you can see how you could scale your business. If you look at the people who become truly wealthy it’s because they’re able to create a national strategy or a worldwide strategy for their business. Those are the businesses that are truly epic. And what you can do with the system that I’ve set up is scale your business to any size that you want and you can do everything remotely.

Joe: If you live in Australia, and I have students who have been from Australia, or the UK, or from mainland Europe, or I’ve had people in Dubai and the other Emirates. I’ve had people from outside the country work inside the country. I’ve had a lot of people in Canada and worked in Canada. I had a guy in Perth Australia, way on the other side of the continent, and you know, down in the BP oil fields 600 miles south of Perth in the middle of nowhere. And he was doing those deals in that area. These are the things that you can do just about anywhere and build that business.

Joe: And you can work remotely. You can do it anywhere and you can work remotely. And it also, if you use something like the Automarketer, it’ll allow you to work any area in the country here. And you can work in multiple areas at the same time. So if you’re not getting enough leads in one are, let’s say you picked an area and you really want to work in that area but you’re just not getting enough leads in there and decide I’m going to expand.

Joe: So you go the city over. And the city over from there. And the city over in that direction and maybe the state over here. And you go into this state. And you can do all this stuff remotely if you use these techniques for automation and for outsourcing. Because you can, most of the stuff that you do for real estate you can do from home. My philosophy is if I have to leave home I’m usually going to lose 3 hours of my day by going out and looking at property. That’s assuming that it’s in the same area. If I’m going outside the city or my state then it could take substantially longer than that.

Joe: Now when I start investing cash in a particular area that’s not inside my area, not in my state, then I’ll usually go to that place and look at it before I start buying there. But if I’m just flipping properties in an area, then there’s no reason to go there. You can get most of your information online. You can go to Google Maps and you can see a picture of the house. You can see what the neighborhood looks like. You can walk up and down the streets virtually. You can ask people about what’s going on there.

Joe: You can hire your boots on the ground to put your sign in the yard and your lockbox on the front door and take your pictures for you. You can get somebody to do all that work for you. And you can bring in as many leads as you want from all these different areas using a system like the Automarketer or any type of good real estate investing marketing system. So you don’t have to work in one place. And it allows you to expand and scale your business to any size that you want. And if you use a good system, it’ll allow you to outsource all the work so you don’t have to do very much of it.

Joe: I’ve bought properties in many different states. And I’ve been selling off properties in different states to kind of consolidate some as I sort of consolidate my portfolio over time. But they’ve been really useful to me for several decades to expand into a lot of different areas. And I think it makes a lot of sense to do that. It’s just sometimes a little bit easier to manage when you have them all in one place. And once you build an infrastructure in each place you’ll be able to expand to the next and to the next and to the next and you’ll be able to find partners to work with in those areas as well.

Joe: And usually it makes sense to find partners that you pay hourly rather than give them a piece of your business. I’ve done both and I do both. But you know, you’re going to make more profit if you pay someone hourly for their work than if you pay them a percentage of the deal.

Joe: Anyway. Do things remotely. Expand your business and grow it. It’s a very cool way to do your business. All right. Check out my, first of all subscribe, go to and check out my mentor program. Go to and find out all the ways that you can expand your business all across the country and automate that business. And go to for more training videos like this one that are free and get on my mailing list so you’ll get other offers that I have that I don’t give to anyone but people that are on that list.

Joe: All right. Thanks, and good luck.

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