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Jana: I am Jana Gruttner from Plymouth, Wisconsin. Using Joe’s techniques, we were able to secure a rent to own. We did a rent to own near us. It was about two and a half hours away so we had to drive to do it. We did show the property and it took about 30 days and we were able to close the deal and we made $5,000 on that particular deal.
Jana: We went through Craigslist. We used his autoresponder at the time and then we responded to the people who contacted us from our ad.

Interviewer: You made $5,000?

Jana: We made $5,000 on that. Not counting driving time, I would say less than 10 hours.

Interviewer: So, $500 per hour at the least. How did you find out about Joe?

Jana: My husband Steve has done a lot of research on real estate investing. It’s been an interest of his for a long time and he came upon Joe and showed me the videos, and then we signed up, I think in January a little over a year ago or almost two years I guess it would be. And then came down to a meeting in February or March of that year.
Jana: A lot more than it is now. Really not hard work but a lot more learning to do it the first couple of times, but once you do them, it’s a little easier. He actually – we never did delve into much of anything. This is pretty new for both of us. He is in construction; he’s an electrician so he’s done that aspect of building and that sort of thing but never actually got into investing until recently.
Jana: I think we’ve done seven or eight deals, seven or eight.

Interviewer: Making how much per deal probably?

Jana: I would say averaging $3,000; $3,000-$4,000 per deal.

Interviewer: All rent to own, right?

Jana: All rent to own, yes.

Interviewer: Tell us about the best deal that you’ve done.

Jana: The best deal that I did was up in Eagle River. It was about a four hour drive for us and it was right on the chain of lakes up there, so it was a really beautiful property, and we had someone who contacted me about it being a second home. They bought it on a rent to own. I had all kinds of hugs and everything. They thought I was the best thing since sliced bread since I could help put them together, and I did $6,000 on that deal.

Interviewer: How many hours into that one do you suppose?

Jana: Oh my gosh; less than five, I think that closed in about two weeks, and they did since buy it.

Interviewer: How much automation are you using right now?

Jana: Almost all automation. We do the Automarketer almost exclusively now. I do obviously follow up with phone calls.

Interviewer: I understand you had some pretty good success with text blasts as well.

Jana: I did; I did. As I look back, it wasn’t as much as what I told Joe, but we did get a 80% return on our text blasts. Not all positive, I mean we had some negative and positive responses, and by negative I don’t even mean mean or nasty, just them telling me no thank you.

Interviewer: Did you convert some houses out of the text blasts?

Jana: I’m in the process of converting two.

Interviewer: Then probably $5,000 a piece on those. What are your goals as a real estate investor?

Jana: Our goals? My husband Steve really wants to do a lot of flipping, so he’s flipped two houses since we’ve met Joe as well, so we’ve done that. So his goals are mainly behind the scenes, doing more flipping.
Jana: I really enjoy the rent to own and I also did get my real estate broker’s license. I’m dabbling in selling that way as well, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of doing the rent to own. I feel like I really help people with that and I enjoy that. Well, its really been nice to make some extra money doing very minimal work and also get us towards the goal of being self-employed, and in doing that, I think that the kids can be involved a little bit and they can see us work towards a goal and achieve it.
Jana: So, we’re really coming here to get back into getting into a routine of doing it. But I would say less than ten hours a week we do. I would like to get it to where it’s a study, 10 to 15 hours a week of working with just leads.
Jana: When Joe was saying, we’re comfortable with $75,000-$100,000 a year working for ourselves, that would be really great for us to be able to do that. Our goals will change I’m sure as soon as we get to that point. But right now that would be…

Interviewer: Maybe after this weekend, too.

Jana: Maybe after this weekend. But our goals for now are just to maintain a really nice lifestyle but lose the 9 to 5 jobs.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to somebody that you care about if they wanted to become a real estate investor? What would you recommend to them to get started?

Jana: I would really recommend Joe’s program. I think he’s been an amazing person for us to meet, and he’s so generous in what he offers for people. There’s so much information that if you really are serious about doing the work that he would be a good start and could help. It’s just been a really fun journey and we’re enjoying it every step of the way.

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