My Sons Wake Up Every Morning Knowing I’m There


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“My Sons Wake Up Every Morning Knowing I’m There”

Daniel: I’m Daniel Evers and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. Well, I’ve always been researching real estate. Something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time and so I was actually driving home on a four-hour car ride home after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this previous year and trying not to go insane, I found Joe Crump online on YouTube. So I got started about two and a half months ago. And I took a month off because we had had our third son so I wanted to you know, be there, provide some help for our new son, so I’ve probably been active about a month and a half, but got started about two and a half months ago.

Daniel: You know, all of the videos that I watched, you know, I’m a big believer that you kind of have to see the fruit and I think all the case studies that Joe has is the fruit of his labor, let alone his own personal success. And he was very genuine. He was very personable. I could tell that there was nothing to hide. And you know, I did as much as I could to find out if there was any fault. I never found a bad report online, I never found someone that said Joe was hiding something, so, I felt that I could trust him.

Daniel: Yeah, so I’m actually, I’ve got four properties under contract right now. I would say I got those four properties within about three weeks of being on the phone, so right now Joe says give yourself about thirty days before you can sell a property so I haven’t had a property longer than thirty days yet, so his word is still ringing true right now. But I’m very close. I’m betting a lot of calls from buyers and I’ve got a meeting actually to show the property on tomorrow but, so I’m having someone show it for me and then on Monday I’ve got another buyer to show the property to. So I feel pretty confident that I’ll sell it within a week. So, hopefully within a week.

Daniel: Yeah, so, I do this full time now. I decided to you know, leave my career that I was doing. I was in sales, and I decided to do this full time. I, you know, I just want to have more time with my family and to really do the things that I want to do in life and through my personal mentor, he just coached me that if I was going to do something I had to, I should give it a hundred percent. So I’m doing a hundred percent, but, I would say to get at lease option itself you know, I’d probably made thirty calls before I got my first lease option.

Daniel: Yeah, so, you know, my first deal sounds like it’s going to be pretty good. I’m getting a lot of buyers who have a lot of money down. You know, typically Joe teaches three to five thousand dollars down for a lease option. The two buyers who I’ve already shown the property to had over seven thousand dollars down and the viewing that I have on Monday is with someone with over fifty thousand dollars down. So, I plan to maximize on that and hopefully make a good chunk of change on this first deal.

Daniel: Yeah, so I would say for my own personal goals, they’re pretty high. You know, I’m looking to do over thirty million dollars in value of property this year. I watched and listened to Jim Durrel talk about Joe and one of his other partners do almost $2.4 million in two days. And you know, all they’re doing is applying the knowledge so if I figure if I could do the same thing full time as an investor there’s no reason I can’t amass that amount. And then I would like quite a bit of cash flowing passive income. Again, I want to be able to take vacations, provide, give to my community, help my grandma, things like that. And you know, I have some pretty high goals of just really helping others. So whatever it takes, the amount of money it takes to help the people that I want to help, that’s my goal.

Daniel: Well, before I was doing Joe’s program, when I would take trips for business, I had already been at work for twelve hours a day, five days a week, and now I’m, you know, not getting the weekend with my family. Now, when I came here for the buying event, my wife didn’t make a fuss about anything. She was okay with it because I’ve seen her every day all day long for the past five days. So just having more time with my family already you know, has just been a huge impact, you know, my sons they wake up every morning and they know I’m there and that is all the success in the world already, you know, just them knowing that I’m home and I get to teach them and be with them. It’s had a huge impact.

Daniel: Yeah, doing it full time. I was able to you know, leave my work with some capital to get started into this and so doing this full time and you know, I’m very excited about where it’s going.

Daniel: I think, like anybody else, you know, you’re working somewhere and if you’re ambitious and you have other dreams and visions which I believe we all do, there just comes a point where you know, you’re not happy with what’s going on in your current work situation. So as that intensity grew inside of me so did the curiosity to go and see what else was out there. And every time I would search real estate which I just believe real estate is one of the most sound investments you can make in America, or anywhere for that matter, as I continue to build my curiosity you know, it just kept becoming more evident that Joe’s program was the best thing to do and so I heard about people being full time after three months and I figured with my sales experience I could be you know, comfortably full time pretty quickly as well.

Daniel: Yeah, so I am using the Automarketer. I’m getting a lot of leads from the Automarketer, probably more than I know what to do with right now which I think is a good thing. It’s a good problem. It’s causing me to have to study more of the program so that I know how to maximize on those leads. So that’s really what I’ve been excited about for today so that I can turn a lot more of those no’s into yeses with some of Joe’s zero down hierarchy, how he structures the deals. So, pretty excited to learn those and go apply them.

Daniel: So the Automarketer is very cool and I’ll say that I’m very ecstatic that Joe stays with the times and even ahead of the times. His system allows us to use a text blaster to send text messages to people who are marketing their property for rent or for sale and just like you would get a text from a friend, they can text us back saying no, or yes, or you know, how much do you have down? And so it’s a very unique system. It puts it all into a file system for you online that you can easily track and you know, ask all the questions and so it helps me to stay organized and it helps me to get a lot more contact to sellers than I would if I was just cold calling.

Daniel: Well, I love that Joe says you know, if you don’t know how to make money without money then you probably shouldn’t do it. You know, something along those lines. And so I agreed with that. You know, there’s no risk in doing something with no money into it. It’s just the risk is your time. So what I would say to them is, you know, do your research, figure out what makes sense for you based on the goals that you’re looking to achieve. But if you’re going to do it with Joe, do exactly what he says when he says to do it because if you don’t succeed in it I truly believe it’s all on you and you know, if you take the action steps you definitely see results right away. So, get started and don’t look back.

Daniel: I think you’ll find that you’re going to hit your goals pretty quickly with Joe’s program. You know, met a lot of people already who are doing phenomenal things, all different kinds of backgrounds and so come into it with big goals but a game plan to get there because I think if you take the necessary steps that Joe says, you’ll be able to reach that, those goals very quickly and enjoy the life that you want. So, I just hope that’s for everyone with this program.

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