Q&A Session Will Answer Your Most Common Questions


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Read Transcript for “Q&A Session Will Answer Your Most Common Questions”

Joe: I know I keep sending you these videos reminding you to do stuff, but this time I want to remind you to go and listen to the ‘Q and A Conference Calls’.
Joe: If you click on this button here, you’ll see that there’s two Q and A conference calls and they have a ton of information. This first one is two hours and 34 minutes long. The second one is two and a half hours long. There’s actually a third one (there’s one that’s an hour and 26 minutes long). These are just questions and answers from people on a conference call that are using this system that are trying to make it happen.
Joe: So, I think that you’ll just get on here and listen to these, you’re going to learn a ton of stuff. There’s all kinds of things about how to talk to sellers, or, ‘If they say this, what do you say in this situation?’ or, ‘If you get a deal like this, what happens?’ There’s even some stuff on here about buying properties for a portfolio and “Subject-to” deals and those kinds of things.
Joe: There’s all kinds of things on here, things that I would normally only give to my mentor students. So, go through and listen to all of these audios. I would encourage you to go back and re-listen to the For Rent Method, ‘How To Use The Automarketer’, ‘How To Use The Clone Sites’, ‘How To Talk To Sellers’, ‘How To Find Buyers And Close Deals’, and then these question and answer sessions. Once again, they’re powerful and they’ve got lots of great stuff in them and I hope you’ll go through them and listen to them.
Joe: That’s all I’ve got for today.

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