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Real Estate Broker Uses Investing To Skyrocket Agency Work “50 New Buyers In 2 Weeks”


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Read Transcript for “Real Estate Broker Uses Investing To Skyrocket Agency Work ’50 New Buyers In 2 Weeks’”

Jimmy: Hi, I’m Jimmy Reynolds. I’m from Jackson, Alabama. The first real estate deal I did using Joe Crump’s technique was a house in Jackson, Alabama. It was actually three houses on one property and we just made it a package deal. But it worked out very well and the people that had it are just elated and so is the seller.
Jimmy: I made $6,600. It was a little more difficult. As far as being hard work, I wouldn’t say that. But it took a little bit more time because you have to walk before you can run and there were a lot of things that I needed from Joe’s class and course, I didn’t know how to implement it as well, so those things kind of come together. The more you do it, the more you learn and the easier it is. The last house I did from the day I put the sign in the yard took two weeks to get a buyer and then it was signed, sold and delivered.
Jimmy: I found out about Joe’s program through the internet. I was searching, I’m sure, but I don’t recall the exact details. But Joe is pretty good about answering email. And we emailed back and forth for probably about 6 months until I got to the point where it got a little bit more interesting and times got a little bit tougher in real estate. Then we talked on the phone a few times and as they say, the rest is history.
Jimmy: I am a licensed broker in the state of Alabama.
Jimmy: I started the program about a year ago and I didn’t really pursue it as quickly as I should because I was in, well, I’m still doing real estate. I was focused more on that and I’m actually doing better financially with Joe’s program than I’m doing in standard real estate.
Jimmy: The best event so far was a house that had been totally remodeled. It looked like a brand new house. It sat on 7 acres of land outside of a little community called Thomasville, Alabama. And I went through several people kind of checking and making sure they would fit, and I found a couple who had moved in from Louisiana, and they just fell in love with the house. But I structured it in a way to where they were actually paying me $10,000 and I’m getting them credit for $15,000 on the price of the house; I’m getting the seller what he wanted. They’re happy, the seller’s happy, and I’m happy.
Jimmy: To retire, my ultimate goal is to make enough money to not have to worry about… It’s constant now, like probably everybody in the country or most people in the country have some issue with finances in this economy. And I’ve got several ‘whys’ and the biggest one is the granddaughter and I want her taken care of, and that’s why I do it.
Jimmy: How big I want the business to grow is kind of subjective. I want it to grow to a point where it will continue to grow itself and my family can reap the benefits of it after I’m gone – that’s the goal.
Jimmy: I think it’s great. I went through a lot to get my broker’s license, and you don’t have to do that. A broker’s license will help you in certain cases because it’s a fine line on what you tell someone. You don’t want to violate the law. If you’re a real estate agent as well, you’re covered on both ends of that, but it’s not something that you have to do. I probably was qualified to become an attorney by the time I got my broker’s license because it’s just amazing what you go through. But it’s something that the average person does not need to do. They can go through Joe’s class and not become a real estate agent, and as long as they do it the way Joe teaches, they’ll never get in trouble and they’ll make the same amount of money that I will make.
Jimmy: I think that for anybody who is tired of working that wants to retire and still make money, this is a great opportunity. I don’t see the housing market getting any better within the next 2 to 3 years due to foreclosures and short sales and I think that this niche will continue for a long time to come. There’s money to be made. And one reason I do this, too, is not just for the money – it helps people – people that would be doomed to renting an apartment forever and never having anything left but a handful of rent receipts at the end of the year. These people want to own a home. It gives them an opportunity that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

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