Relentless Real Estate Investor Automated Follow-up


Read Transcript Automation software for real estate investors that will bring you a steady stream of motivated sellers who say *yes* to no money down, seller financed deals. All the leads and all the training you will need to make it work is included.


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Read Transcript for “Relentless Real Estate Investor Automated Follow-up”

Not every lead who comes into the system is ready to go today, but they may be eventually, and with our relentless automated follow up system, you’ll never miss a potential lead. I’ll explain more here.
Joe: Professionally copy written automated follow up campaigns are sent to buyers and sellers to convert reluctant leads to sign contracts. Our relentless automated follow-up system does all the heavy lifting for you. Our computer robots remember what the seller told us and where the system left off with them since the previous contact. The prewritten series of emails go out to your leads over time; ‘drip, drip, drip.’ They never let up until the lead either clicks unsubscribe, until their email address becomes invalid, or until they die, whichever comes first. The messages are scientifically designed to build trust, develop a relationship and close the deal.
Joe: When you have a system like this in place, a week goes by or a month goes by, and then suddenly, a seller you don’t even know or remember rings you up and says, ‘Okay. I’m ready.’ As your list of leads build in your follow up system over time, this happens more and more often. Remember, it’s not who you know that matters, it’s who knows you.
Joe: Our system makes sure everyone on your list thinks that you’re their long lost best friend and that you can solve their real estate problem. Let me show you how it works.
Joe: As I showed you in the last video, when a lead comes in, they’re classified as yes, no, or yes with a phone number. When that happens, they’re put into those categories and those categories then put those emails into your auto responder. In this case this is the campaign for this particular yes message. It’ll start sending them a series of messages. Each one of these messages goes out over a series of days and then starts repeating after a while. And you can edit or change the messages any way you like or you can leave them as you wrote them, which is the way that I would suggest you do it.
Joe: The messages will direct them to your websites, websites like this one. This is the seller rent to buy site that makes an offer or that seller for a rent to buy deal that you can take control of and then turn around and flip for cash. A very easy process to do, very easy to find a buyer, and it makes it easy when a seller can go to this page and say, ‘Yes, I want to do it.’ Anyone who has ever been an entrepreneur or salesperson knows that follow up is vital if you want your business to succeed. But you don’t need to do the follow up yourself. Use a system like this and it’ll reduce your work and increase your response rates dramatically.

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