Seller Objections: We Don’t Want A Sign In The Yard


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When you make Zero Down Real Estate Offers to Sellers, you will often get questions. Answering these questions is called Objection Handling.

The next few videos are ‘objection handling techniques’ that we use when talking to Sellers that give us credility, show that we know what we are talking about and help the Seller understand we can solve their problem.

Here is one objection we get and how we handle it:
“Seller Objections: We Don’t Want A Sign In The Yard”

You can watch it in this video.

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Read Transcript for “Seller Objections: We Don’t Want A Sign In The Yard”

Joe: This is another objection handling technique for the “For Rent Method”.

“What happens when you get the objection: ‘I don’t want a sign in the yard’?”

Joe: The sign in the yard is very important. 20% of your sales will come from that sign. So you must have a sign in the yard. You must the only one with a sign in the yard with a phone number on it. It should say something along the lines of “rent to buy – no qualifying – move in today” and your phone number.
Joe: When you get those calls, those are valuable calls. So make sure you or somebody who is competent to answer them actually responds to those calls.
Joe: But you have to respond to these people if they say they don’t want a sign. What do you say? My response is: “Well, I can understand that…” When you’re in the process of objection handling, don’t tell people they can’t do something or don’t tell them they’re wrong – tell them you understand why they want to do it.
Joe: Say, “Well, I understand why you’d want to do that especially my signs because they’re really ugly –we hand write our signs. We do it for one reason – because they work better than the pre-printed signs that we use. The sign is an important part of my marketing. Much of what I do is directed at my list of buyers and my online marketing, but there’s no reason to make it take longer to sell by not using a sign. If it takes longer to sell, it just costs you more money. I know the neighbors may not like it but they’re not the ones paying the mortgage, are they?”
Joe: So you take them through that process of handling that objection and help them understand why it’s important to them. And again, when you’re dealing with objections, you’re always talking about why it’s a benefit to them – not why you need it but why THEY need it. Alright, I hope that helps.

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