Seller Options Part 1: How To Understand Your Seller’s Options So You Can Make an Offer They Will Accept


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Seller Options Part 1: How To Understand Your Seller’s Options So You Can Make an Offer They Will Accept

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. This is going to be an eight part video series on understanding seller options. If you can understand the options that sellers have, then you can understand what’s possible for them. You know, when you go out, if you go to the doctor and the doctor says to you, you know, hey, you know, Joe, you’ve got cancer. And I say no, I don’t want cancer. He says, well, you’ve got cancer. So you’ve got some options. (And I don’t have cancer.) But you’ve got some options.

Joe: You can do chemotherapy, you can do radiation or you can do surgery. All three of those options, they really suck. I don’t want to do any of them. But the other option that I’ve got is that I can do nothing and I can die. So, I pick on of those options. And I’m going to use that doctor to help me understand what that best option is. So, as a real estate investor when you’re talking to somebody who’s got a property for sale, you want them to understand their options. And these next videos over these next eight videos here that I’m going to send you are going to be, each one of them is going to be a separate option that a seller has. Once you understand all these options, and I want you to learn these options, and I want you to use the verbiage that I’m going to give you to explain how these options work so that the seller will understand them and then they’ll be able to get realistic about what’s possible for them instead of trying to do it the way they’re doing it right now. Because what they’re doing right now probably isn’t going to work.

Joe: So, this is just the introduction video. I’m going to talk about the eight different options that I’m going to cover are going to be, they can continue to sell it for sale by owner, they can list it with an agent. They can sell it as a fire sale, you know, dramatically under market value. They can give it back to the bank doing a short sale. They can buy it subject to the existing loan, or sell it on a land contract. Or we could do a lease option deal with them. So, these are all the options that we’ve got. And we’re not going to use all of them with every single seller. We’re going to have to determine which one is best for each seller, and as I go through this series, I’m going to help you understand which one is better for which type of seller and which ones that are used less often.

Joe: All right. I hope you enjoy the series.

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