Sellers Will Sign Over Their Property To You Before You Speak To Them


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NOTE: These videos are for two types of people.

1) If you are currently using the Automarketer and Clone sites and want more training.

2) If you would like to create a business where 90% of the hard work of marketing is done by robots.


Here is how we get Sellers to give us their homes before we ever speak to them – using the automation alone.


Here is how we use the online Lease Option Agreement Memo to take control so that we can legally sell their property, solve the problem of the Seller and the Buyer and make a profit for ourselves.

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Read Transcript for “Sellers Will Sign Over Their Property To You Before You Speak To Them”

Joe: This video is about the lease option agreement memo. Here’s what we’re doing. First of all, we’re using the Automarketer. This Automarketer is going to send out a message to ads of people who are selling their homes on Craigslist and BackPage, asking them if they’d like to sell their home rent to buy rather than just renting it. And then some of those people are going to send us a response. Then, with those people that send us a response, if they say yes, they’re going to get an email that is sent out through the autoresponder, which is the sequential email program that has a link in it that sends them to a page that sells them on the idea of doing a rent to buy deal with us.
Joe: That rent to buy seller page looks something like this. It has an audio in there that explains the whole situation. It has a place for them to fill out to tell you if they’re interested or not, and also it’s in print; this same audio information is in print. By the way, you can change out this audio if you want to have your own voice on there. Right now, it’s just my voice, but you can have your voice on there if you like, although there’s no need to mess with that if you don’t want to.
Joe: When they fill out this form, we have a very high percentage of conversion for anyone who fills out this form because it shows that they’re interested. Once they fill out this form, another email gets sent out to them because they get put into a different category. You get an email, by the way, if they fill out this form, and then they get an email saying thank you. Also now that they’re interested, go to our lease option memo and let’s get the ball rolling. It’ll take them to the lease option memo page, which looks like this, and this is a form agreement.
Joe: They put in their name, address, and city of their property, the price that they want to sell their house for, the term of the lease option (usually 1 to 3 years), and the monthly lease payment that they want. Let’s say it’s $1,200. They just type that in there. Then, they go down here and they put their email address and their phone number and evening phone number, and then when they click on this check this box to show your acceptance of this agreement and that you have the right to make this agreement (that means they were on the deed), clicking the ‘I agree’ button acts as your electronic signature. They click on this ‘I agree’ button and suddenly an email goes out with this filled out form to them and one comes to you, so now you’ve got control of their property.
Joe: This says that they’re willing to lease option to you and that they’re willing to assign this lease option to a new tenant. And if you don’t find a buyer, then you’re out of the deal. So you’ve got no risk in the deal, and they’ve got very little risk in the deal, so it’s a wonderful way of putting these things together.
Joe: So, then we go out there and find someone who’s interested in rent to buy. There’s a ton of people that are interested in rent to buy. Those are the easy people to find. We ask them for a down payment and the first month’s payment on the lease. The down payment is also the lease option fee. Let’s say we’ve got a $150,000 property, we get $5,000 from the lease option fee and $1,200 for the first month’s rent. The $5,000 comes to us and the $1,200 goes to the new seller. We’re in and out of the deal and we’re done.
Joe: The seller has a brand new buyer who is solving his problem, stops the bleeding and he no longer has to make payments on that mortgage. It’s coming in from the buyer. The buyer is able to get into a home that they never could have qualified for on their own because maybe they had damaged credit or some other issue. We just make sure they have enough income to qualify for these properties because we want to make sure we send a good buyer to them. But we don’t expect them to have good credit.
Joe: So, everybody’s happy in a transaction like this. We’re out of the deal, and we have no responsibility. It’s not like doing a sandwich lease. It’s sort of like that except we don’t have any responsibility when the deal is done. Our ethical and moral obligation is to make sure that we get a good buyer in there and that we educate your buyer and we educate your seller. The more you do this, the more you’ll be able to do that competently.
Joe: That’s all that it needs to be. The goal here is to do 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of these deals a month with these systems here with the Automarketer just cranking away. The more leads you get in, the more you’re going to convert. But the better you get at converting, the more you’re going to convert as well. Not everybody signs this form without your talking to them. That happens, but it’s less likely to happen than if you got on the phone with them.
Joe: So, we also set it up so that if they’re interested, they contact you, so that you’re always talking to people that are interested, rather than just cold calling people, which is what I’ve always had my mentor students do (because I think it’s good practice just to cold call and get used to talking to people on the phone and get up to bat as many times as possible). But when you do it this way and they’re calling you, it’s an easier conversion – it’s a much easier sale to make so you can get those people on board so you can sell their property and make you’re chunk of money and them move onto the next deal.
Joe: Hopefully, you’ll build a pipeline of these deals so that you’ve got multiple deals happening at once, so that you’ve got 5 to 15 of these properties that you’re trying to sell at once. They’re going to sell in one week to four weeks, if you set them up properly, because they always sell if they’re priced properly. If you overprice them – if they’re above market rent – and we’re talking about the pricing here, we’re talking about the monthly payment, not the purchase price. I can always price them over that real value but I can’t price them over the market rent.
Joe: I’ve got to stay in line with market rent if I want these deals to come together and if I want a buyer to take them over, because if not, the buyers will always go towards other rentals. I hope that helps.

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