Since I’ve Been In Joe’s Program, It Pretty Much Changed My Life


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Daniel Riegel – Galatia, Illinois

I believe the best way to learn the business of real estate investing is to hear how others have done it.

When these interviews were recorded, I asked Tom, the interviewer, to ask questions that would help the viewer see how these folks got started.

I wanted to hear the struggles, the successes and a clear path and explanation of what they had to do to make these deals happen.

I did NOT want them to be a bunch of people telling you how wonderful Joe Crump was. I wanted content, examples and real life experiences.

I hope we succeeded.

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Since I’ve Been In Joe’s Program, It Pretty Much Changed My Life

Daniel: My name is Daniel Riegel from Galatia, Illinois. Looking around on the internet about lease options and different things that I was trying to sell my own properties. I’ve been a real estate investor for about nineteen years. I’ve been in Joe’s program for almost two years now. Since I’ve been in Joe’s program, it pretty much changed my life. Everything is different now. He’s taught me a better way to do everything. I’m more confident, I speak better, mostly because I have the tools now to help people and the more people I help, the more money I make.

Daniel: Being able to help someone through any of this, whether they’re a buyer or a seller, to show them their options that they have, is probably the most beneficial thing. It makes me happier overall to know that I’m helping people. You know, I’m making good money while I’m doing it, but I’m solving peoples’ problems that would not be able to do it in any other way.

Daniel: The first deal I probably only put about ten hours in. I mean, there’s a lot of, a lot of things that happen at the same time, because I’m full time. I work full time doing this. So, if you broke out each particular deal, I don’t really have much time involved in each deal, but I’m constantly working every day, probably a good, you know, six, seven hours every day. Right now, I’m working on just building my own portfolio. I try to buy at least one house a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. In the meantime, I help other people sell their home on a lease option or wholesale their home, basically anyway to help them solve their problem is what I do.

Daniel: There’s bee, there’s been several where the homeowners have just been in a position where they could not sell their property any other way. They couldn’t sell it conventionally. They were maybe in a bad situation, they had terrible tenant tearing, tearing up their house, so I would go in and buy the house, fix the house, and then bring in my own tenant buyers. So, it would help them because they could not buy a house in any other way, and then I, you know, work with them a little bit to repair their credit and what they’ve got to do in order to buy the home ultimately.

Daniel: We’re pretty consistent these days. I’ve got a huge buyers list. So I actually have the buyers before I get the property. So, in the springtime, I sell a house a week. Whether it’s lease option or whatever. And I try to buy one every two or three weeks.

Daniel: I would like to build up my portfolio large enough that I can pretty much do whatever I want. I don’t have to, I don’t have to put in as many hours, I don’t have to work as much, so I’ve got a steady stream of income coming in. It’s nice to be able to help people sell their own home, but the money’s really in owning your own home and selling it that way. So that’s what I prefer to do. I just prefer to build up my own portfolio.

Daniel: No, just more of the same really. I, you know, a lot of the houses that we buy, I try to get them done a month or two of renovations, depending on the scope of the project. But, no, I just like to travel and, you know, work with people.

Daniel: Oh, meeting Joe changed my life completely. Hundred and eighty degrees. He showed me, you know, how to help people and make money helping people. I’m a much better listener now, I’m a better speaker. I have more confidence because I just have more experience doing this. I know all the tools necessary to get the job done and that’s what I do.

Daniel: You learn the tools to help other people, but at the same time, you learn how to help yourself and to change your life. To be more empathetic, to be a better listener. To just be a happier person in general. Being around Joe, he’s just a real nice, genuine guy. And I’d say that’s probably what draws most people to him at these events, that, I talk to everyone, that’s, that’s the consensus, that he’s an authentic, genuine guy. He’s not one of the late night gurus, you know.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. Yeah, making money is a result. The most important thing is being able to help other people to solve their problems, to relieve them from anxiety. And by doing that you get paid very well to be a problem solver.

Daniel: I’m full time right now. I’m probably unemployable at this point. I don’t think I could have a real job. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t change anything. I prefer just to continue to be an entrepreneur and real estate investor.

Daniel: I use the Automarketer a little bit. Still not as much as other people, because I live in a rural area, so I do a lot of cold calls. I get a lot of the leads from the paper or from Zillow, from Craigslist. I do scrape a little bit. Mostly the Automarketer brings in a sort of a credibility, a sense of credibility to people, because I have so many websites. And I can direct people to the websites to help educate them about the process instead of taking my time to explain everything to them. It’s already there on the websites.

Daniel: I would tell them to watch all of Joe’s videos. He has a ton on his blog, on YouTube. He has several books on Amazon. You can get into it pretty cheap. And then once you get your feet wet a little bit, he has the mentor program where he could personally coach you through the process. So, the books are really nice because they, they teach what you need to do, but in the real world the problems are always different than what you’re learning in the book. So it’s nice to have a mentor that you can ask whenever something comes along that’s not the usual problem, you know? And he knows all the answers.

Daniel: Oh, yeah, well, I’ve been a real estate investor for nineteen years, and so the first seventeen I trial an errored pretty much everything. I did not have a mentor. And it was very expensive. It’s a very expensive proposition to do. Whenever I met Joe and I got into his mentor program, it completely changed everything for me. A lot of the information that I thought I knew as wrong. Or it was the hard way of doing things. So I threw it out and you just have to get over your own ego sometimes and listen to someone that has the experience.

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