Spend 2 Days In Indiana With Me And Make Zero Down Offers While You’re There


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Spend 2 Days In Indiana With Me And Make Zero Down Offers While You’re There

Joe: Hey, this is Joe. I wanted to invite you to a two-day buying event with me. Three times a year I get together with my mentor students. This is only for people who are in my mentor program or who want to get into my mentor program. And we meet in a conference room at a hotel in Indianapolis and I spend two days with that group. There’s typically anywhere from 30 to 50, sometimes 75 people that come to these events. So it’s not a huge event and it usually gives me time to meet with them and spend time with them and go through this process. And what we do from the very beginning, I’m going to first teach the For Rent Method, teach you how to put together a deal, how to talk on the phone, in the first couple hours that we’re there.

Joe: Then I’m going to break us up into groups and we’re going to do role play with each other as though we were talking to each other, talking to an investor on the phone. And everybody will get a chance to do that with each other in separate groups. And some of the people that are going to be there are going to have more experience than others and I typically try to get the people that are more experienced to help the people that are less experienced and kind of go back and forth with that process so that you can get the words in your mouth. So that you can get comfortable talking to sellers and making that process work.

Joe: Once we do that, then I take more questions. I makes sure everybody understands what they’re supposed to be doing, everybody has a script that they’re working from, everybody knows what they’re supposed to say. But they’re probably not very good at it yet. And it takes practice. So I set these things up. I set up these buying events because I saw that a lot of my students would have a hard time getting started and when they come to an event like this I kind of kick them in the pants and they get started, they start making offers.

Joe: And that’s what we do next. We start actually making live offers to people that we find either using our Automarketer leads if the student is using the Automarketer or just going right on to Zillow or right on to craigslist and finding a for sale by owner in the area that they want to work, usually in their hometown, and making a phone call to those people from the conference room and honestly, sometimes if you’re in that room, and honestly sometimes if you’re in that room it sounds lie a Jerry Lewis telethon, gets a little noisy, so sometimes people go outside into the hallway or up to their rooms and I say, okay, for the next half hour, or an hour, I’d like you to make these calls, then I want you to try to make X amount of calls, come back into the conference room after that and we’ll talk about the calls that you made and the experience that you had. And hopefully we’ll have some of you who’ve got people to say, “Yes, I’ll sign that lease option memo,” and for those of you who don’t get that, at least you will have an understanding of what it’s going to take to get on the phone.

Joe: And you’ll also understand that it’s really not as painful as you thought it was going to be when you started. And, yes, you probably did sound like an idiot on the phone. You probably weren’t that good. You were trying to follow the script so you sound like that, you know, guy who’s selling you AT&T phone minutes, you know, on the phone, you know, but that, you get better. And if you follow the steps that I give you and you do the role play and you work with each other in the group, you’ll have a lot better experience and you’ll be able to succeed with it.

Joe: And my hope is that a lot of you will go home with deals in your pocket. Now, it may not happen. The main goal, again, is just to get you on the phone so you can get practice and do it. I typically see an average of 50 to 100 phone calls, full conversations, that you have to have before you put deals together. It sometimes takes that long. I’ve seen people put together a deal on their second call. And that’s wonderful when that happens. But, usually it takes a little bit longer to make that happen and it takes a little bit of patience to make it happen. But if you can get an understanding of what it takes to talk to these people, what it takes to get them to say yes, and to also understand that they’re not mean people necessarily, most of them, anyway.

Joe: And even if they do hang up on you, it’s not the end of the world. So you learn the process, learn how to get good at it, and that’s what we’re doing on day one of that two-day buying event.

Joe: AThe second day, all we do is talk about automation, outsourcing and systemization and building your business. Well, that’s not all we do, that’s part of what we do. We also talk about the other Zero Down structures. So we get into more than just the For Rent Method. We’ll get into the other Zero Down structure hierarchy that I teach. Subject To, Multi Mortgage, Land Contract, Contract for Deed, Lease Option and Assignable Cash Deals, and Cash Deals, and how to make those work and how to make a profit with those without spending any of your own money or without using any credit.

Joe: You know, this gives you a lot more tools to work with. You know, if all you have is the Lease Option memo you know, all you’ve got is a hammer, you know, everything looks like a nail. You can only do things one way. But if you’ve got, you know, Subject Two, if you’ve got Land Contracts, if you’ve got Assignable Case Deals, you know, you’ve got a wrench and a screwdriver and a socket wrench, you know, you’ve got different ways to do these deals, you can solve problems for sellers in different ways and I’ll teach you how to do those things as well.

Joe: And the other thing that I’m going to teach at the buying event is how to buy little houses in urban and rural areas. There’s a lot of little places like this, there are a lot of places in the country like this where you can go and buy these properties. You can do it remotely, and you can either buy them for cash or you can buy them on terms and you can buy those properties in a way that allows you to pay them off very quickly if you’re buying them on terms. Or, if you’re using your cash to be able to get a really nice return, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% return on your money just by buying some of these little properties that are you know, $50K, $80K properties, and showing you some of the areas that we’ve been doing it. Because there’s a ton of these different communities around the country where you can do this. And that’s another thing that since I’m doing it, I’ll show you the houses that I’ve been working on, show you, give you some pictures and show you what we’ve done, show you how much money we’ve made on them. And give you and idea of what’s possible out there.

Joe: Then I’ll have a few other students probably that’ll show you the stuff that they’re doing as well because those are some exciting things to add to your business on top of the For Rent method, on top of the Subject To and the other types of deals that you’re doing, or, if you’re working in high end markets it might be a place where you could take some of the cash that you’re making and put them into these low end markets. So those are the things that we’re going to be covering mostly at the buying event.

Joe: The other nice thing is that we’re able to spend some time together. On the Friday before the event, the Friday night before the event at eight o’clock we all meet together or some of us at least, meet together and for, you know, to have a drink at the lounge, at the hotel, and you’d be invited to come and join us and we could get to know each other and talk a little bit about where the weekend’s going and what we’re going to try to accomplish and just kind of get to know each other.

Joe: And then during the event I try to spend time, you know, at lunch I go to lunch with you guys. I’ll go to dinner with you as well. We usually go out to dinner on Saturday night, go get some you know, good Italian food and everybody sits around and has a glass of wine and then talks about what they learned that day and where they’re taking their business and what they’re trying to accomplish. And building a mastermind. I believe that building a community is as important as learning the information. You know, it’s also invaluable to me to be able to see you and meet you face to face and be able to put a face to the voice because I’ll be hearing your voice on my conference calls but until I get a face to connect to it, it makes it hard sometimes to really personalize it. So that’s a nice thing as well that I think is beneficial to both of us.

Joe: Anyway, these buying events are amazing. I’ve been doing them for a long time and I really enjoy them. Most of the time when people walk away from it, they come up and tell me how much they appreciate it, which I appreciate and thank me for that, for the weekend and let me know what they’re going to do next to keep the process going. And then, of course, after that, you know, in the next conference call they come back on, they’re still in their six month program, and we help them through the process of the things that they learned at the buying event.

Joe: Now, people ask me should I go to the buying event or should I wait for the next buying even to sign up for the mentor program? And I say, no don’t do that. You can get in any time you want into the mentor program. The more you know before you come to the buying event, the more you’ll understand that nuance of what I’m trying to teach at the buying event. If you come to the buying event and it’s your first day, I’ll give you all the information you need, but honestly, it’s like drinking from a firehose. It’s just so much information you’re going to get a lot of stuff at once. And it’s going to be hard to grasp it all.

Joe: But if you’ve already been making a few calls, you’ve already been doing a few things, I can help take you to the next level. And if you’ve been running your business for a while, I’ve got people that come back after years because I’ve been allowing my mentor students to come back for no charge to these buying events even years later. And I had a guy come that was, just the last event, who hadn’t been there for ten years. And he came and he, you know, was able to get a refresher for where he was going and get back on track and move forward.

Joe: I’ve had other people that went through their six months and didn’t really follow through with their process. They didn’t do the things that I asked them to do. And they didn’t make any money because of it. But, and sometimes that wasn’t all their fault. I mean, life gets in the way. Sometimes you just don’t get things done. But then you come back and you’re able to do it again and for those of you who’ve been in my mentor program who would like to come back, just let me know and I’ll put you on the list and you can come and there won’t be any charge. You just need to get yourself there and we’ll be fine.

Joe: Anyway, I hope that helps, and I hope that you can join us for the buying event. I hope you can join me for the mentor program and go through that process and put that effort in and build a business that you can be proud of.

Joe: All right, hope that helps.

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