“Take My Advice Pull Down Your Pants And Slide On The Ice.” – Barney Miller

NOTE: I was mistaken on my classic TV reference, it’s not from Barney Miller, it’s from M*A*S*H and was spoken by Dr. Sidney Freedman.

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“Take My Advice Pull Down Your Pants And Slide On The Ice.” – Barney Miller

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This is the last video in this particular series. And I wanted to end it with a quote from an old time TV show, Barney Miller. He said, “Take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.” And for me, it’s been sort of, I hate to take something from a sitcom to be a guiding principle in your life, but it is, you know? It’s like take the chance, step out, do something different, you know? If you don’t want to listen to what I’m saying, then try something that you want to try. You know, try the thing that you have a love for. Something that interests you. Something that gets you excited.

Joe: You know, I hate to say just go follow your passions, because following your passions without thinking about it first, without having a plan, you know, isn’t going to be very useful. But if you have a passion for something, if you have a desire for something, if you have a dream, even if that dream is not to be a real estate investor, but, you know, I want, the reason I got into real estate investing is because I wanted to make movies. I’d written a whole bunch of feature film scripts, this is way back in the eighties.

Joe: And none of them were getting bought. And I was really frustrated. And finally I had 20th Century Fox picked up one of my scripts and they said, okay, we’re going to make this script. And I worked with them for a year on spec, which means no money, rewriting that script and everything was going forward until it didn’t. And then it stopped and I got so frustrated and I said, you know, screw this, I’m going to make my own damn movie.

Joe: And so I decided, how am I going to do that? I need money to do that. I’m going to do it through real estate. I didn’t know anything about real estate. But I heard it was the best way to get rich. So I started buying real estate and it actually worked. And I got sidetracked for twenty years and I finally got around to making my movies, but it took me twenty years to get back to it because I got so engrossed in the process of building a real estate investing business, to building a portfolio, building a system and then starting to teach the system to other people and learning from them as well.

Joe: And I’ve got to be honest with you, it may sound a little selfish, but the, one of the things that’s been most valuable to me over these years as an investor is teaching. Because I was able to talk to people about what they were doing. They would bring me the ideas that they had, I would give them my ideas, they would come to me with ideas and say, “What do you think of this idea?” And I’d say, “Nah, not so good. I wouldn’t try that.”

Joe: They’d go out and try it anyway, and it would work and then we would say, hey, that’s cool. Let’s incorporate it into what we’re doing and we would try it and we’d make it better and it’s been this amazing, you know, amazing ride because you know, I’ve been sliding on the ice this whole time and you know, it’s been so much fun. And I hope that some of you who are listening to this will at some point, will join me in my mentor program and work with me personally.

Joe: I’ve had so many people come into my life that have changed my life and I like to think, and I’ve had many of them tell me that I’ve changed their life as well. And you know, hopefully for the better. And you know, I would invite you to come work with me as, you know, one of my mentor students, work in this six-month program. It’s an incredible program. I’ve never seen anything like it. I designed it, so I guess I’m a little proud of it, but I’ve never seen the success rate in any other program that I’ve seen in this one.

Joe: And I know and I guarantee that it’ll work for you if you follow through with the process. If you don’t do that work, you don’t make any money. But if you follow through with the stuff that I’m teaching, I guarantee that you’ll make money and it’ll be worth your while and it will change your life.

Joe: When you suddenly have income coming in, when you suddenly can quit your existing job and you can do this full time, and by full time I’m talking, you know, four hours a week, ten hours a week, maybe twenty hours a week depending on how much money and time or effort you want to put into it. You can do this and you can live on very, you know, you can live on little amount of money or you can live on a lot of money.

Joe: I’ve got students who their main goal was they wanted to travel. And so they, you know, they do this stuff, you know, maybe one week out of the month and then they travel the other three weeks. Or, they’re constantly on the road and they do it remotely. I’ve had people email me and say, “Hey, Joe, I’m in Europe right now. I’m traveling around with my backpack and I’ve got my laptop with me and I’ve been doing some deals over here and I’ve been using the Automarketer, because It’s got phone numbers, you know, a phone system inside it that I can call from a local number, you know, in North Carolina, or Kentucky, or Ohio and I can do my deals wherever I’m at in the world as long as I have an internet connection.”

Joe: So they’ll go to an internet café, you know, and log in, you know, do their deal, you know, spend some time on the phone, spend a few hours, you know, go on to the next, travel, get on their next train, do their next thing.

Joe: And I’ve had other people that they just want to spend time with their kids. You know, they’re working all the time and they want to spend time watching their kids grow up while they’re still young. You know, they say that what matters for kids is quality time, but, and the quantity time isn’t necessary. But I have this belief that quantity time, you can’t really get to the quality time unless you have quantity time.

Joe: I was able to be home in the house watching my kids grow up from the time they were tiny. And now they’ve both graduated, they’ve both graduated from college and I’m able to be with them as they launch into their careers and into their lives. And I’ve been so blessed because of that. It has been the greatest joy of my life to be able to watch my kids grow up and to be with them and to be able to go to the soccer games, to be able to go to the dance recitals. To be able to go to the piano recitals, to be able to travel with them all over the world.

Joe: They’ve followed behind me, and when we travel, we travel as light as we can. So, we’ll head to France and they’ll be, I remember, you know, little Katy following behind me, you know, with her bag, rolling bag, you know, and Alex and Nancy bringing up the rear, my wife bringing up the rear making sure they didn’t get lost as I’m running for the train, you know, just before we’re going to Italy. And we’d jump on the train and they’d pull their bags on there and we head on to the next place.

Joe: We’ve traveled all over the place with that. We just got back from Japan, you know, traveling all over there. Just the four of us. And I think that that’s give me the relationship with them that I believe will last the rest of our lives.

Joe: Anyway. I’m getting maudlin, but, come join us, come work with us, come have the life that you want. I can help you get there. Yes, it’s expensive. It’s like going to college for a semester. You know, I’ve just put two kids through college, so I know how expensive that can be. But, is it worth it? That’s only a question that you can answer.

Joe: Anyway. I hope you’re join me. Good luck to you. Bye bye now.

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