The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable, Sustainable, Massive Real Estate Business


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The Fastest Way To Build A Profitable, Sustainable, Massive Real Estate Business

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. What I want to do on this video is show you the fastest way to build a profitable, sustainable, massive real estate investing business. And there’s a path that you can follow to do that. But the fastest way that you can get there is having help. And this, I guess, is a pitch for my mentor program. But you don’t have to use me. You can use anyone that you trust who could help you through the process. If you can model your success after someone who’s already been there, walk in their footsteps, walk in their path.

Joe: You know, it’s like walking through a land mine when you’re trying to create a business. You don’t want to step on one of those land mines. If someone has walked through that land mine before you, they’ve already set off the bombs and you know, if you walk in my path, if you come through this, you don’t have to make the mistakes that I make. You can step in the same spots that I stepped and you can get through that mind field and get to your own personal success. So modeling after that expert is make a big difference for you.

Joe: Having somebody that holds your hand and says, okay, do this, do this, do this. You know, if I was trying to learn how to be a diesel engine mechanic and I had the engine open in front of me and I’m looking at it and I’ve got a great big book next to me that says this is how you change the carburetor. And so I start reading and I get all the details and I try to do it one step at a time. And then for me, who I’m not that mechanically minded, I get it all taken apart and I don’t know if I can get it put back together again.

Joe: If I had an expert diesel mechanic standing next to me while I’m doing this I wouldn’t have to look at the book. He’d just say, he’d point, say, do that, turn that screw, you know, get the wrench on that, pull that pipe and put that there. You know, whatever it is you do in a carburetor. But, you know, and he could shoe me exactly what I need to do to make that work. And I would learn it because I did it and I had somebody telling me how to do it, you know, looking over my shoulder and making sure I did it right and not screwing it up.

Joe: If I had listened to the right people, then I could have gotten through that process, I could have gotten through that learning curve, not without making any mistakes, but I think I would have avoided the catastrophic mistakes that I made. And I think that I could probably help you with that, as well, or anybody who’s an expert, anybody who has a good business of their own, who’s been through the, you know, had walked through those pit holes and been able to get past them. Any of those people can help you with this business.

Joe: The other thing that having somebody as a mentor will do for you is it will help you with accountability. I find that if we’re not accountable to somebody a lot of times we just don’t get the work done. But if somebody’s expecting you to do the work, you know, I know that with my mentor students, I expect them to fill out the success log every week and send me their success log and tell me what they did. And basically, it just asks them a few questions, like, how many sellers did you talk to today? Because that’s the most important thing. That’s the most important question.

Joe: And there’s a dozen other questions that I have on there that I just ask them to fill it out real quick, scan it, email it to me so I can see what they’re doing and I can address any issues that they’re dealing with. It makes them accountable to me, but it also makes me look at their stuff and say, hey, why hasn’t he or she put a deal together yet? They’ve made this many calls, you know, what’s going on with this? You know, they’re telling me one thing, but this is the result that’s coming out. Where’s the disconnect? How do I find that disconnect? And a big part of what I do with my mentor students on my conference calls is ask them questions about what they’re doing to find out where they’re making their mistakes, or where they’re misunderstanding the stuff that I’m teaching.

Joe: Because if I can get to that point, then I can really help them get over the edge and you know, get past, get over the hump and figure out where the problems are and eventually start making money.

Joe: Anyway. Having a real estate mentor, having a business mentor, having someone, you know, look over your shoulder while you’re doing all this stuff, it’ll make all the difference in the world to you. And if you’re interested, I do have a mentor program. You can find out more about it at But you don’t have to work with me. You can go out and find, you know, I’m expensive – it’s like going to college for a semester. It’s about that expensive, not quite. But you don’t have to work with me. You could go out and find somebody and offer to work for them for free. Some experienced investor, and say, look, I’ll work for you for free for six months if you’ll teach me this business. And just do all their grunt work, you know, tell them 20 hours a week.

Joe: Now, you can probably get somebody to do that for you for that kind of pay. And they’ll give you their secrets. They’ll work with you, hopefully, and show you what they’re doing. That’s what I try to do for my mentor students. I try not to hold back anything. I’ve got, you know, I’ve already had success. I’ve already made money. I do this process because I make money and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t make money teaching. But I also do it because I enjoy it and it’s fulfilling for me. And it feels, makes me feel like I’m doing good work in the world because it changes people’s lives and I think if you’ve watched some of the case study videos from my students over the past few years that up on my website, you’ll discover some of the things that this has done for their lives and the energy that this has given them and the freedom that this has given them in their business.

Joe: Anyway, come work with me. Give me a call if you’re interested and you have the resources to do it. I’ll be happy to talk to you about it and answer your questions about it. Go to, read about the program and stick to the blog, too. There’s a ton of stuff there as well. And I’ve got a lot of free information for you as well for those of you who can’t afford that kind of thing.

Joe: There’s no reason not to do well in this business, even if you can’t get help. It just means you’re going to make more mistakes. You know, ultimately you’re going to pay for your education, whether it’s through mistakes or by paying somebody to help you. It’s better if you can pay somebody to help you. But does that mean you shouldn’t do the business if you can’t afford to pay somebody to help you? Of course not. You need to just keep moving forward and try to get the best information you can for the money that you have.

Joe: All right. I hope that helps. Good luck to you.

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