The Indispensable Skill You Must Develop As An Entrepreneur


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The Indispensable Skill You Must Develop As An Entrepreneur

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to learn this skill.

If you won’t learn it, you’ll have to work for someone who will – and you won’t rise in THEIR organization either without this skill.

The skill?

Communication. You need to learn how to talk.

It’s not easy to learn, but once you learn, it’s like riding a bike. You never forget. It becomes muscle memory and you can pull it up whenever you need it.

Nothing I teach is more important than learning how to talk. It is what I spend the majority of my time on with my mentor students.

And it’s not because some of them aren’t already pretty eloquent. You need to learn the language of the task you are trying to accomplish.

As a real estate investor you need to learn to talk to sellers. And more importantly, you need to learn to LISTEN to them.


You’re listening with intention. You’re listening in order to help them solve a problem they are having. You use your skill, knowledge and understanding of real estate to solve their immediate problem.

It’s NOT about you making money. It’s not about you finding a great deal or making a killing. If you make it all about YOU, your success will diminish and your business will be more stressful.

It should be about YOU serving the seller and solving the problems they are facing.

It doesn’t take long to learn all the options the seller has. There are only a few.

Once you understand their options, you have to be able to communicate those options to the seller in a way they can understand and accept.

Just because you know more than they do and have a better understanding of real estate, doesn’t mean they will accept what you say as a solution for their situation.

My strategy for talking to sellers is called Socratic Sales.

It’s named after Socrates who was famous for using it to argue philosophy.

Here’s how it works.

We ask a series of questions that lead the seller to their own conclusion about what they should do.

We’re not there to twist their arm.

We’re not there to browbeat them.

We’re not there to use clever sales techniques to trick them into saying yes.

Our goal is to first discover their TRUE need and then review all of their options with them. Then, once they understand their situation and know their options, they can make an informed decision about which option makes the most sense for them.

We find that, more often than not, the option of them working with us makes them the most money in the least amount of time with the least amount of work on their part.

This skill isn’t just for real estate investors or entrepreneurs, if you learn it, it will enhance your life with every relationship you have.

The reason is because it changes your focus from yourself to others. When you change your focus to others, it enhances your connection with them because they hear you talking about them and not yourself… and that connects them to you.

They say the most interesting conversationalist is someone who knows how to listen.

I would add one more thing – the ability to ask the right questions – questions that drill down to the issue at hand…

If you learn this skill, it will allow you to get to the MONEY faster than any other activity you can do as an entreprenuer.

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That’s it for today!

Good deals are not that hard to find if you have the skill to craft an offer that MAKES SENSE.

I hope you will join me.

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