The Magician Reveals His Secrets


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“20 The Magician Reveals His Secrets”


Joe: This is the last video in the outrageous claims series. I want to talk about outrageous claims and why I do them and what it means to you. My goal is to give you a better understanding of why they’re not so outrageous and once you understand the trick behind the claim it’s no longer magic, it’s no longer outrageous, it’s now very accessible.

Joe: It makes it possible for you build your own business, to build your own system, to use the things I’m teaching in order to have the freedom to reduce the hours you work, increase your income, make enough money on one deal, perhaps, to live an entire year. Or, do one deal a month and just pop in for a couple hours and make a phone call now and then. Once you develop the skills to do this, once you set the systems in place to do this you can turn that into $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 where now you have the extra money, you’re going to want to buy properties with cash as well.

Joe: Stay away from lenders. They’re put you at the most risk and make all the profit. Give yourself time to succeed. No matter how outrageous the claims I make, the one thing that it always comes down to is can you be an entrepreneur? You have to have ability to speak and be persuasive. Being able to talk about what you’re doing and explain what you’re doing and show why it’s a benefit to people. It makes for a long term sustainable business because you’re actually serving people rather than trying to rip them off of the equity they have.

Joe: You want this to be sustainable and you want to have a good name in your community. Eventually people will get to know who you are and you want to keep that name solid. If you work honorably, if you try to solve peoples’ problems, if you try to get people where they need to go and help them understand what they need to do, then you’ll be happy because you’re helping other people. Jim Drell coined the phrase “the crying quotient,” or how many people, buyers and sellers, cry at closing.

Joe: We found over and over again when we’d go to a closing, we used to actually physically show up, that people would give us hugs and say, “I could never have bought a property without your help. Our credit wasn’t good. We didn’t have the income verification, thank you so much for helping my family get into a house.”

Joe: Sellers saying, “I tried so many different ways and I couldn’t get rid of my property and you helped me get rid of that property. Thank you so much for solving that problem.” Nothing feels better than hearing those words and knowing you’ve had an impact on other peoples’ lives.

Joe: When you have a business that is doing honorable, ethical work, it makes it fun. When you’re making a lot of money doing it, it makes it even more fun and you want to continue doing it for a long, long time.

Joe: I want to invite you to come work with me in my mentor program. You can find out more about it by going to or and it explains how the mentor program works. It’s like going to college for a semester, and you get six months of my personal help through this process.

Joe: You’ll talk to me personally. I will give you materials and then we’re going to get on a conference call. We do that every other week. It’s a small group, typically ten to twenty people. We talk about the deals you’ve been working on, the roadblocks that you’re running into. We do role playing so I can teach you how to talk to people. I’m good about getting back with people within twenty-four business hours. I don’t work on weekends, but you send an email on Friday you’ll get a response on Monday.

Joe: I’m not an attorney, I can’t give legal advice, but I will look at your stuff and I can say, “Based on what I know in my experience, here’s what I would suggest, changes you might make.” My wish for you is that you succeed in whatever your heart desires and I hope you’ll come work with me.

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