They Cried When We Closed The Deal


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Read Transcript for “They Cried When We Closed The Deal”


“Joe, I’ve closed 16 deals over the past six months. I’ve worked about 10 hours a week and made a little over $60,000. That’s very exciting since it usually took me an entire year to make that much money working 40 hours a week. One of the things that happens over and over again is that my sellers and buyers are very happy with me when they close. I get hugs and thank you’s and sometimes they even cry. I never had a business where that happened before. My question is, how can I use those happy people to increase my business? Can I get them to give me more referrals?”

Joe: Yes, referrals can be good. You can get both buyers and sellers when you do referrals. If you do something well for somebody, it’s very likely that if they’ve got somebody else in that situation, that they’ll give you somebody. But the percentage of deals that you’re going to get on referrals is fairly low. If you have a good marketing process, then most of your leads are going to come in through your marketing.

Joe: But, testimonials can help you get lease option memos signed. They can get you “Subject To” deals signed. They can get you more buyers. They can help you with other things if you can get their testimonial. So what I suggest is that every time you have a buyer that closes the deal, if you’re in the city with them or if you have boots on the ground there, see if you can do one of several things: you can either pull out your camera and do a little video and say, ‘Would you mind telling people what you thought of this process and how it worked?’

Joe: Ask them a few questions about what they did. “Did you work with a realtor” – “No” “Did you have good credit to buy this property?” – “No.” “Did you have to put much money down?” – “No” “Were you able to buy a property from anybody else?” “Did you get the property that you wanted?” (when you’re talking to the buyer).

Joe: And you get them to answer questions that are fairly open ended. And they’ll tell you what they think. “Was it a good experience working with my company?” and they’ll usually say, ‘Yes it is’. And you can use those videos on your website showing, ‘Hey, this is what Sam and Lisa said about working with me and buying a property through me’.

Joe: You can do the same thing with sellers. Let’s say you’ve got a seller here: “Did we make you more money? Was there a better option for you to do it another way? Did the experience of working with us work out well?” You get the people to tell what it was like working with you.

Joe: Look at my case studies… And I call them case studies rather than testimonials on my site because what I do when I talk to other investors that I teach is I ask them about their experience of learning how to put together deals, how much money they made, how long it took them to do it, what process they had to go through, why they decided to do it, why they decided to do it with me, etc. That also serves as a testimonial, giving me credibility, showing that, ‘Hey, there’s somebody here that worked out.’ When you look at, ‘Oh, he’s got 50-70 videos on his page, so he’s probably pretty credible. It seems fairly likely that these people are real and that they’re not some actors he went and hired.’

Joe: So you can do the same thing. It doesn’t have to be perfect production values. Just get your camera or your cell phone out and take the pictures.

Joe: You can also do this by saying, ‘Would you do a little call with me and allow me to record it?’ So you can do it in audio if you can’t get it on video. So go to and they have conference calls that you can set up. It’s free. You can record it and you can download the recording, then you can give that recording to an IT guy and he can put it on your website for you, and you can put a little blurb in there about who it is and maybe have people send you a picture of themselves and put it next to them. ‘Here’s what Sam and Mary said about working with our company,’ and let them listen to that, whether it’s specifically marketed towards buyers or sellers. So that can make a big deal of difference.

Joe: Now, if you can’t get audio, just get it in text. See if you can get them write an email and talk about their experience and do it that way. And I suppose you can even have somebody read their email on an audio, but I think the text is good. I think that their voice in an audio rings truer and their face rings even truer than that, and so that’s how I would do it.

Joe: And our clone sites are set up in the “Automarketer” so that you can put videos and all of that stuff up, and if you don’t know how to do it, you can pay somebody a fairly low amount of money to do that for you. Alright, I hope that helps. Good luck!

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