Training Videos That Will Get Your Business Up In Running In 5 Minutes – Part 15


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NOTE: These videos are for two types of people.

1) If you are currently using the Automarketer and Clone sites and want more training.

2) If you would like to create a business where 90% of the hard work of marketing is done by robots.


You don’t need to know everything about real estate investing to start building your business. I’ve designed this system to get you up and making offers with very intelligent software within 5 minutes.

You will start sending out offers 5 minutes after you get the system. It’s really that easy.


But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot you can learn. I also give you hours of audio broken down by subject. I give you full screen capture training videos showing you how to use every part of the Clone site system and the Automarketer system.

You get a massive education about the software, about the websites and about the marketing.

You ALSO get in depth training on how to put no money down deals together (that you can flip) whether or not you ever use the software. This material by itself is worth way more than the $8 it cost to get.

You also get access to the lease option forms, the lease option memo, the tenant applications and the voice scripts for talking to sellers. I’ve never given this material away like this before.

And there are hours of conference call Q&A sessions where you can listen to me answer question after question from new and experienced investors.

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING THE SYSTEM: Login to your Automarketer account and click on the “Training” tab. There are 7 hours of detailed training audios that are broken down into subjects. There is also a quick start (5 minute) video to get you sending out marketing emails immediately. You can also download all the forms, contracts and scripts you need to get going. Login to your account here:

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE THE SYSTEM, BUT HAVE NOT YET SIGNED UP: You can watch a 35 minute video with me walking you through the software and websites you need to make this system work. Once you are set up, the automated process takes very little effort. You can order the system here:

MY MENTOR PROGRAM AND BUYING EVENTS: I also have a Two Day Buying event coming up for my Six Month Mentor students. If you are interested in working with me personally and allowing me to take you by the hand and teach you this business – here is a video that tells you what it’s all about and how I work.


Read Transcript for “Training Videos That Will Get Your Real Estate Investing Business Up In Running In 5 Minutes – Part 15”

I’m going to show you how you can create and use systems and software to run your business. I’ll show you how each system integrates with each other and how to make your job as a real estate investor a lot easier.
Joe: There are three main pieces to the “Push Button Automarketer”. There’s the “Cash Flow Newsletter”, which is mainly focused on doing deals, how to put them together, how to talk to sellers, how to negotiate, etc. I do something new with that every month, plus there’s an audio which comes with it.
Joe: The second part of it is the “Automarketer”. That’s the program that sends mail blasts to people who are selling their homes and asks them if they would consider selling their home rent to buy rather than just renting it. It then processes those people by taking their replies and then putting them into an autoresponder and continuing to follow up with them until they either die or press ‘unsubscribe’.
Joe: The third part of the system is the clone site system and the autoresponder. The clone sites are a series of websites that educates people, connects you with them, gives you credibility and then sells them on the idea of working with you. It gives them a place to fill out a form, and say, ‘Yes, I want to work you. Yes, I want to be on your list and maybe get your list of homes for sale rent to buy, or maybe get your list of investment properties,’ or, ‘Yes, I want to work with you as a seller and I want to fill out this form,’ or, ‘Yes, I want to work with you as a seller and I’m going to fill out the lease option agreement memo online.’ The clone sites do all of that.
Joe: What this video is going to be about is the tutorial section of this training program. This isn’t the Cash Flow tutorials. These are the tutorials for the “Automarketer” and for the clone sites. Let me show you what I’m talking about.
Joe: When you open your clone sites to the admin page, it comes to this page and then you can go to tutorials. There’s a bunch of videos here that walk you through how to fill out the listing sites in detail. It’s a lot more than what I’m doing in these short little two to five minute videos I’m creating. Some of these are much longer and certainly in more detail and they show you where to click, what to put in, when to do it – all of those things. You can access the clone site tutorials right from there.
Joe: There’s also the “Push Button Automarketer” tutorials. The first one is a five minute video showing you what you need to do to start your email blasts and to actually get it going. This is the one that I have everybody look at first because this is what teaches them what they need to do to start sending out emails today. So, the day they get their system set up they can start sending out emails and start getting responses from sellers typically the first day, sometimes the first hour, and sometimes in the first minutes that its gone out. Sometimes it takes longer than that, but it’s not unusual to start getting responses immediately in this process. These tutorials walk you through all of the different pieces of the process.
Joe: I also did a conference call with the folks who had purchased the Automarketer in the past where you can listen to lots of great questions and answers about it. There are two and a half hours’ worth of audio in there.
Joe: The other thing I give to the people who get into the Push Button Automarketer is the “For Rent Method” contracts. You get access to the lease option agreement memo, the resident documents, the addendum to the resident documents, and the phone script that you use to talk to these folks when you get a seller that’s interested in what you’re doing.
Joe: I also give you access to the training conference calls that I’ve done. I’m doing a long extensive conference call teaching the For Rent Method, so you can listen to that as well. It also explains how to set up your clone sites and your Automarketer if you still need that because you haven’t set yours up yet.
Joe: So, all of this training is really useful. You’re not going to be able to get through it all in one day, and you don’t have to get through it all in one day. One of the things that people feel whenever they get into my mentor program or my Push Button program or now, this program, is that they feel overwhelmed because there’s a mass of information – there’s so much stuff to take in. But the beauty of the way I teach it is that you don’t need to know all of it to start making money. All you need to know is just a small piece of it; the stuff that you can learn in just a few hours.
Joe: I have two buying events that I hold for my mentor students, and at these buying events, I actually teach the system to them and I have the students make calls right there from the conference room, putting together deals. Once they accomplish that, they start to realize, ‘Wow! This really works. We can really do this just by making a few phone calls.’ Without using the Automarketer, you can do it manually and start making money right away with this process. That’s the training for these deals. I hope that helps.

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