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Read Transcript for “Voicebroadcast Campaigns Get Sellers To Call YOU”

Our automated system lets you send voice messages out to sellers and then they’ll call YOU about selling their property. Find out how it works here.
Joe: Not only does the “Automarketer” system send email campaigns for you, it can also do voice blast campaigns. These campaigns aren’t free like email, but the cost per lead is very cheap compared to just about any other form of marketing. And the lead quality is even higher than email leads.
Joe: Using our intelligent lead filter, you search and queue up the phone numbers, names, property photos and information of thousands of sellers. These leads are at zero cost and can be located at any or all of the cities you choose to invest. Many of our investors and agents work multiple cities and buy and sell houses they never even see.
Joe: You record your own voice message or use our proven, tested scripts to personalize your campaign. It’s simple, takes five minutes, you only have to do it once, and we walk you through it, step by step. We provide a voice mail number for your lead responses at no cost. This gives you privacy and screens your leads before they get to you.
Joe: It even transcribes your voicemail messages and sends them to you or your assistants by email just moments after they come in. You also get an mp3 file of the message that you can listen to on your phone or your computer.
Joe: There’s also a robust number crunching, easy to use tracking and analytic system on the site; you’ll always know exactly what is working best. I might add here that this really keeps us on our toes. If our system doesn’t produce the leads that we promise, all of our users would know it immediately and our business would fall apart. Let me show you how it works.
Joe: To send out a voice blast, first we go back to the filter your list page so that we can pick the leads that we want to send to. The first thing that we do is pick the date range that we want to send to. We scroll down the page, pick ‘must have phone number’ then we click on the search button and it’ll pull up the listings in that date range that have phone numbers that we can send a voice blast to.
Joe: We then click on select all and it’ll put a checkbox into all of these boxes. And then we click on voice blast queue and it’s going to change this little red minus on this little phone icon to a green plus. Now we know that those are queued up in the voice blast system to go out.
Joe: Now, if I go back up to the top of the page to the voice blast campaign tab, it shows me that there are 500 new listings in the queue, ready to start. All I have to do at this point is start the voice blast and these voice broadcasts will go out to every one of these leads.
Joe: These voice blast campaigns are very easy to set up and send out. If you set up a campaign to go out in the morning, by early afternoon you’ll have leads calling you back. It’s a great way to kick start your business and get going immediately.

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