What Are Typical Monthly Expenses for Investors Who Use The Automarketer Program?


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What are Typical Monthly Expenses for Students in the Automarketer Program

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Here’s another video, and another question. Chris says, “The Automarketer program is about $1,000 for six months.” It’s $995, so, It’s $199 a month. If you get it for six months, you get a free month so you’re paying for five months and getting six months. If you just do it monthly, you can do if for $199 a month. Anyway, he says, “What is my estimated monthly expense that is considered typical for most students in my state?” And he’s in California.

Joe: If you’re looking at the Automarketer, let’s say you’re doing the monthly version which is the most expensive way to do it. But it’s also the cheapest way to do it monthly instead of coming up with a lump sum. So you’re $199. You’re also going to need four domain names. A domain name is like eBay, or Amazon.com. It’s the name that the people will go to to find your website. And it’s going to be unique to you. You’re going to come up with that name. And I’m going to show you how to come up with it, but you’re going to come up with that name. You’re going to need four domain names for the different websites that you’ve got. And we’ve got more than four websites, but there’s four main websites that you get with the Automarketer. Those cost $40 per year to register.

Joe: You’re also going to need money for your phone minutes to your text and voice blasts. That’s going to run you between $20 and $40 per month, depending on how many you send out. So if you’re sending out, that means so now you’re up to about $220 to $240 a month to cover the cost of the Automarketer. The other expenses that you might have would be a lock box for the front door of the properties that you sell, a sign in the yard, you know, three bucks for that. You know, pictures, maybe boots on the ground to go take the pictures for you, that could cost you $10 an hour. I mean, these are pretty basic costs that you’re going to need in order to accomplish this and to have an infrastructure.

Joe: There’s other things that I teach that show you how do mailings. If you do mailings those are much more expensive. You’re going to end up paying you know, twenty dollars a lead rather than a dollar a lead, or two dollars a lead. So it’s a much more expensive way to do it, but it works. And they’re tested and tried and true ways to send out to absentee owners and do a snail mail like that, or the yellow letters, or whatever they call all those things, the different mailings that we’ve done in the past and I teach to my mentor students. But I think those are the secondary things that we do. I’d much rather take the dollar leads, then take the twenty dollar leads.

Joe: So that, other than that cost, there’s lots of other things that you could spend on your business to make it grow. But that’s all you need to really get started. You can outsource other tasks. You can get an admin person, you can get a buyer finder, you can get somebody to make your seller calls for you. You know, you can pay for all that stuff. And once you have an infrastructure going and you have a reliable source of income, then you can feel comfortable about spending that money. But make your business a bootstrap company. You know, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, which means only spend money that you have as income, that’s coming in.

Joe: At the beginning that’s not going to happen. You’re going to have to spend a little bit of money on your training, you know, it’s like going to college except you know, in my case it’s going for a semester. Or just getting some books on it or learning the process that you want to do. And then starting to do it. And if you’re using the Automarketer it’s $199 a month and hopefully within three or four months, if you follow the process the way that I teach it, you can start making money. And once you’ve made you know, one deal, you’ve made back all the money that you spent. If you don’t make a deal then you’ve lost that money, you know, and a lot of people get into this and they don’t do the deal because they didn’t do that work. They didn’t follow through. So don’t even do this unless you’re serious about making it happen and if you’re serious about putting in the time and effort that you need it.

Joe: All right. Hope that helps.

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