What Is A Voiceblast? How Can It Get Me More Listings And Sales?


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Question: What Is A Voiceblast? How Can It Get Me More Listings And Sales?


Hi Joe. I heard you mention voiceblasts on your audio the other day. Could you explain what a voiceblast is and how I can use it to get more listings and sales? Jay in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Read Transcript for “What Is A Voiceblast? Can It Get Me More Listings And Sales?”

One of the best ways to market in real estate is with voice blasts. Let me explain what they are and how they can make your life and business much easier.

“I heard you mention voice blasts on your audio the other day. Could you explain what a voice blast is and how I can use it to get more listings and sales?” – Jay, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Joe: Voice blasts are a wonderful piece of technology. Let me explain how they work. We do voice blasts to people that have their home listed as for rent and we call this the “For Rent Method.”
Joe: What we’ll do is take the list of everybody who is advertised in the newspaper (there are lots of places to find these lists) and their phone numbers, put them into a quick database, upload the database to a website that you access. There are lots of them online and there are different choices. Then, once you upload it, record a voice message and then call up the phone numbers that they gave you. Our voice message for the “For Rent Method” would be something like this:
“Hi, I saw your ad in the paper for the home you had for rent. Would you consider selling it rent to buy rather than just renting it? If you would, please give me a call,’ then give them your phone number.
Joe: This is a fantastic method. About one in three of the people you make this offer to will say yes, and then you can turn it into a lease option that you can assign to someone else for a fee if you bring in a lot of lease option buyers.
Joe: This is a very easy way to do that. Instead of you having to call them, once you’ve recorded this message, the voice blast will call up each one of these phone numbers you have and leave the voice message on their machine, and then a certain percentage of people will call you back.
Joe: You can either call people or they can call you. If you call people, you’re going after them and you’re trying to get something form them. If they’re calling you, then they’re trying to get something from you which changes the dynamic.
Joe: The way you position yourself as an investor rather than as an agent makes a lot of difference in this process, so if you follow through with this voice blasting technology, it can bring in a lot of leads and it’ll keep you so busy that you won’t know what to do with them all – you won’t know how to follow up with them; it’ll just drive you crazy. So, I hope that helps.

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