What Is The Best Ad To Attract Virtual Assistants?


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What Is The Best Ad To Attract Virtual Assistants?

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This question is from Larry Stewart, from Chattanooga, Tennessee. “Here’s my question. What’s the best ad to attract the right Virtual Assistant? Are there any other special considerations?” Well, the best ad for any job is one that is extremely specific, you know, be exact on what you’re trying to tell them. Now, for my mentor students, we’ve got ads that you can have, just pull them, you know, pull them off the member site Contract zip file and you’ll find those ads already there and written. And that’s for people that are in that, in that program. But you can write these same ads or something similar to them. If you want somebody who’s going to be an Admin/VA be very specific. Say here’s, I need somebody to work ten hours a week, that they’re going to be working from their home, you know, show the good side, what is, the thing that they’re going to like about it and working from home is highly desirable. You know, it pays $8 an hour or $10 an hour or $12 an hour, you know, typically for a VA you can get somebody in that price range. You can get $3 and $2 an hour VA’s by the way that maybe English is their second language and maybe they don’t have the skills. I’ve worked with some people out of the Philippines, out of, I’ve got some coders that work with us out of Islamabad. They’re great guys and they do you know, good work and you know, we’ve had to go through several people to get those people, but they ended up being a good price.

Joe: And then be very specific about the job they’re going to be doing. If they’re boots on the ground you’re going to say you need to have a car, you have to have insurance for your car, you need to have a phone with a camera on it that you can go in and take pictures. You have to have the ability to take good pictures and then email them to me after you take them. You have to be able to go to Lowe’s and pick up a lock box for me. You’re going to put the lock box on, you’re going to make a sign for me. And then as you use them you can always add to their tasks. Start them small.

Joe: I think it’s better to have two people doing ten hours a week than it is to have one person doing twenty hours a week simply because you’re going to find the best of those people, you’re going to put them in the right job. You’re going to have them do the task and then maybe you’re going to expand them to twenty hours. And I often find that sometimes just having somebody who works ten hours a week you know, they’re happy with that and they’ll work for you forever at that ten hours a week. And if you gave them twenty hours they wouldn’t do it. So, keep that in mind, too.

Joe: Anyway, hope that helps, Larry.

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