What Is The Best Automated Technique For Landing Quality Leads?


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What is the Best Automated Technique for Landing Quality Leads

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. I’ve got another one here. This is an automation question. And I guess, or, technique I guess. This is, if you’ll send out text blasts with links that take them to your sales pages you can get a lot of people that go to your sales pages. You know, driving traffic to your sales pages, which typically would be a landing page that would have a form on it, so it would tell them what you’re doing and then if they want to do it they fill out the form, click “Send” and it sends you a copy and they opt in. And you can even have them go directly to your lease option agreement and fill out the lease option agreement and you know, you can have control of the property without ever talking to anybody.

Joe: Typically, what we would do first is first send them a text, or we’d send a bunch of people a text, it’ll say everybody that’s advertised on Craigslist for sale by owner. Send them all a text that says go to this website. And this website tells them how the rent to buy seller program works. The for rent method works, and if they like the concept then they can fill out that form. And if they fill out that form and, every time you make them go through another step you’re going to lose some of your leads. So if you want the most leads you don’t put a text, you don’t put a url, you don’t put a link in your text. You have them, you just have them respond directly. But if you want to increase the quality of the leads and you get fewer of them, then you put the link in there, they go to the website, the website sells them on the idea of doing the for rent method, they fill out the form, that gets sent to you so you know who filled out the form. You call them back, but it’s also sending them an email automatically that sends them another link that takes them to the lease option memo. Now that you’ve filled out this form let’s get you started, here’s the lease option memo, fill this out. They fill out that form, it now gives you control of the property so all you have to do is sell the property or give it to your buyer finder and have them sell it for you and make a profit.

Joe: Remember, the more steps you make those potential leads go through, the fewer of them will actually do that and you’ll have fewer and fewer leads until you get them so qualified where you know, it’s, you get a lot less deals together. You can put a lot more deals together if you take more leads and then qualify them manually, you know, verbally, and, or have somebody else do that for you, which you can eventually outsource. But it’s a good way to make that happen. So using text blasts with a url in it can be a huge – now, to take that technology and then do it in a sequence of text blasts, so a text blast with a url. Text blast without one. Text blast with one and a text blast with another url to a different site that sells them something different. Say the “We buy houses” site. Or another text blast with another url that sells them on something else like the subject to deals.

Joe: And those are the types of leads that come in over a period of time and we’ve got the, in the follow-up system that we’ve already built. I’m talking a million miles a minute. I hope that helps. Good like with it. Bye bye.

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