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What Is The Best Way To Build Trust With A Seller?


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What is the Best Way to Build Trust With a Seller

Joe: Hey it’s Joe. I’ve got another one here. This is about talking to sellers. “What is the best way to get people to trust you, to give you credibility?” There’s several ways that you can give, you know, get people to give you credibility. One is if you have websites. A website gives you a presence. It’s like, you know, today, these days having a website is like having a brick and mortar store used to be. So, it’s not really that difficult to have some credibility that way. Another credibility builder is having a buyer’s list. If you don’t have a buyer’s list and you’re just getting started, don’t build a buyer’s list first. Work on sellers first. But if you’re working on sellers and you’re getting memos signed, keep everybody on your list. And you put them into your CRM so you have that list and you can send out an email to everybody at once every time you get a new property.

Joe: And when you get that list up to 400, 500, or 1,000 people which doesn’t take long, you know, two or three deals, and you’re going to get to that point. You can get 50 or 100 people that will respond to a particular property before you get it sold. So you just keep those people in your system and when you can tell the seller I’ve got 73 people right now on my list in this area that are interested in buying lease to own. But I don’t have any more properties to sell to them, you know. And when you do that, that gives you credibility as well.

Joe: But I think the single best way to build credibility, to get people to trust you, is to be trustworthy. Crazy concept, right? I mean, if you come at these deals with the idea that you’re there to help those people, you know, you come at it with you know, fully in your heart, you’re there to solve a problem for them. And you’re going to get paid for it, just like a doctor gets paid really well to help you live if you have a terminal illness and he solves that problem for you and you get to live and you paid him a ton of money and you’re thrilled about doing it. He’s got a special skill, special knowledge and you pay to have that. And that’s what we’re getting.

Joe: But we come at it with a good heart, you know, and we come at it honestly and we say here are your three different options. Honestly, this is the one I would pick. If you were my mother, this is what I would tell you. But this one isn’t bad if you’re trying to do this and this one isn’t bad if you’re trying to do that. Which one makes the most sense for you? Okay, you like that one? Let’s do that. And the way for them to trust you on this is first of all giving them those options and then also knowing that you’re there to try to solve their problem. And then allowing yourself to be read. Allowing your mind to be mapped. You know, as humans we’re very good at telling whether somebody’s not being honest with us, or holding something back, or lying to us. We don’t always know what they’re lying about or what they’re saying, whether it’s right or not, but we’re pretty good at being able to tell something’s off. Something’s off about that guy.

Joe: And if you’re not being honest with yourself about what you’re doing for them, they’re going to be able to tell that you’re not being honest with them or, if you’re not competent. You know, if you just can’t speak the words, you know, if you’re not eloquent, if you don’t know the language which is the biggest thing that you have to learn in this business. You have to learn how to speak or you will not succeed as an entrepreneur. If you want to be an entrepreneur you better know how to talk. And you better know how, the right words to say and the right way to say them and that doesn’t take a lot of time to learn. It takes a few months. But once you learn how to do it, with repetition and you get good at it, and you allow yourself to be mind mapped while you’re talking to people so that they see, oh, yeah, he’s an honest guy.

Joe: You know, I have people say to me about my videos a lot, oh, I came and I’m working with you because you seemed like a regular guy. You’re honest, you know, nobody can talk that fast and not, and make up stuff as they’re going along. So I just tell you what I know and how I know it and I guess I do talk kind of fast, but I try to be honest about what I’m doing and try to give you the best perspective that I have. I try to teach you like you’re one of my mentor students and try to help them solve the problem because I want to see that success from you.

Joe: Anyway. You do that with your sellers and they’ll trust you the way that I’m trusted by the people that come and work with me. And not everybody trusts me. You know, it’s not going to happen. Some people just are suspicious and there’s nothing you can do about that. Don’t worry about it. You be what you know you need to be in order to be a good, honest, ethical business person and good things will happen because of it. You probably already know that.

Joe: All right thanks – Bye.

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