What Is The Best Way To Contact Leads Using The Automarketer?


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What is the Best Way to Contact Leads Using the Automarketer

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Here’s another question. This one is from Don Williams – Hey Don! The question would be how to use the Automarketer for contacting for sale by owner, not for lease option for a regular purchase or with all cash or terms with seller carryback?

Joe: So, okay, so I guess if I’m understanding you right going into Craigslist and making an offer on properties there but not necessarily just doing the for rent method where we you know, get a lease option memo and then assign that to someone else. But let’s say we want to do subject to, or we want to do a cash offer or we want to do you know, a terms offer that turns into a cash offer and sell it to an investor if we buy it under market value. You know, any of these other zero down structures that we use.

Joe: First of all, I would use the for rent method as the initial contact method for everyone because it’ll bring you in the most leads. But the what we’ve done in the follow up system and we’ve got a 14-step follow up system right now that if you just put the lead in it goes ahead and over a three-month period sends out fourteen messages, just about every week over that three-month period. And it sends out different messages and sends them to our clone sites.

Joe: They go to these sites and they fill out these forms, these leads become very, very valuable. It’s very difficult not to close a deal after they’ve filled out a form. It’s just a matter of whether you don’t want it or if you just sound completely incompetent. You know, if you haven’t put the time in to learn how to actually speak to these sellers, you won’t be able to close it. But if you know how to do it and they fill out these forms, that particular lead is more valuable than any other lead that you’re going to get because they’ve jumped through so many hoops to get there.

Joe: The more hoops that a seller – you know, a lead, jumps through to get to, back to you, the more qualified they are. It also means the fewer leads you get. You know, you’re going to get a lot fewer leads who have filled out that form than you will that have just responded to a text that says, “Hey, would you consider selling your home rent to buy?” You get a lot of leads from that. But you’ll get fewer leads that have actually filled out the form that say they’re interested. Because they had to read the form, they had to fill out the form, they had to give you their, their contact information, their phone number, their e-mail address. They had to answer questions on that form so when they, when you do that and they go to those lengths to send you that, if you can’t close that deal it’s because you’re not competent speaking on the phone.

Joe: Anyway, use the follow up system in the Automarketer. That’s, I think, the best way to bring these leads, and yes, there’s lots of FSBO’s out there that you can buy substantially under market value. And there are those out there that you can’t buy substantially under market value but the seller has six other properties that he wants to sell and he might sell those under market value. So when you come across those leads you can start that conversation, then you can start asking those questions about what else have you got? And that’s when things start getting exciting.

Joe: When you find a seller who’s got a dozen properties they just want to unload because now they’re retiring and they don’t want to deal with the headaches anymore, you know, and you’re there to take them off their hands and and do right by them and make a huge profit for yourself.

Joe: All right. Hope that helps.

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