What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur


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“What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur”


Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This is the last video in this series. I’m sure I’ll do another one in the near future, but this is the last of this particular video series. I wanted to talk a little bit about, I’ve talked an awful lot about real estate and about having a business and what you need to do to make it work. But I haven’t really talked about what a business does for you and what it means to be an entrepreneur, and what it means specifically to me and to my life.

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. I worked while I was in college, and since then I’ve been either freelance or I got into a business. I started buying real estate. We had a lot of mistakes. I went through the hard knocks method of learning this process. But one of the things that I’ve had through this entire thirty-year experience, almost thirty-year experience, I’ve had freedom. I’ve had the ability to design my life to work the amount of hours that I want to work. To be at home. I’ve watched my kids come up, they’re now in college and getting ready to move out of the house. I’ve gotten to be here with them.

Joe: Yeah, I go off and I’ve done stuff and I’ve tried all kind of things and I travel around and I do my thing, too, but I’m here most of the time. It’s made it possible for my wife to follow her dream which is to be a stay-at-home mom and to bring up two kids that I think are fantastic, kids that I enjoy being around.

Joe: Since I have spent so much time with them, because I believe that it’s not just about spending quality time with kids but actually spending quantity time. Because I’ve been able to spend that quantity time with them, I’ve been able to get to know them. I think that maybe a part of who I am has rubbed on them a little bit. At least I’d like to think that. At least the good stuff.

Joe: I think that if you go through this process and you learn how to do this and you get to a place where life is stable, the money that you can make can make your life better. They say that money doesn’t buy happiness and I agree with that. But also, statistically, if you look at the people that make more money, they typically have better lives. The reason they have better lives is because things are more stable in their lives and they’re life is more stable.

Joe: You can do that same thing for your life as well. You can build this business. You have to take the time to learn how to do it. You have to take the time to make the mistakes and go through that process and I guarantee if you do that, it will work. You will build it. It will start making you money. But it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s not going to happen without some training. It’s not going to happen without study and without some passion.

Joe: I believe that to be a good entrepreneur or to be good at anything that you do, you have to love it. You have to have desire for it. You have to get up in the morning and be excited by the process. Not to say that everything we do is going to be exciting. The beginning of the Mentor Program isn’t that much fun because you’re learning how to make the offers and it’s nerve wracking and humiliating sometimes. If you get past that, suddenly it’s like, again, riding a bike.
Falling down and skinning your knee is no fun, but when you’re out there flying down the hill on your bike, as a kid, I remember that. There was nothing like it. And that’s the way it is with building a business. Once it’s up and running and it’s flying, there’s nothing like it. There’s nothing that you can do in your life that’s going to be this much fun. At least that’s my view of it. I’m sure everybody’s got different ideas about what’s fun in their lives.

Joe: But if that’s something that gives you passion, that gives you energy, I believe that’s where our genius comes from. Each of us have that in us and if you can find that passion, find that thing that you love, then you’ll be able to have a life like that as well. And you’ll be able to give the things that you want to to the ones you love and also to yourself so that you can experience the things that you want.

Joe: Because for me it’s never about buying things. It was always about buying experiences and having the experiences and buying the time. That’s what I’ve tried to have in my business and in my life. In general, it’s worked. And I hope and wish the same for you.

Joe: I’m sure we’ll be doing some more videos soon. If you have questions, send them to me and I will try to answer them on these videos.

Joe: All right. Thanks. Bye-bye now.

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