What Would You Do If You Had To Start Over Again?


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I get this question a lot – What Would You Do If You Had To Start Over Again?

Find out the exact steps I would take…

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Read Transcript for “What Would You Do If You Had To Start Over Again?”

“If you lost everything today, including your money and credit, what would you do tomorrow to get back on your feet?” – Gary Oates,Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Joe: Let’s take it even further. If I was homeless tomorrow or living under a bridge in some city somewhere, the first thing I would do is go panhandle until I could raise a few bucks to buy a burner phone. I’d go to the Wal-Mart, buy a cell phone, go to the library, and at the library, pull up Craigslist and start making calls to people and say, ‘Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than just selling it outright?’ I would put together the “For Rent Method”; I would use the lease option method.
Joe: Let’s say they wanted $150,000 for their property, I would go out and advertise it for $155,000 and probably within a week or two weeks, I would have five grand in my pocket and I’d be able to move out from under the bridge.
Joe: But I wouldn’t have to meet with these people, so even if I didn’t have any clothes or I was in rags at the time, I could still do this. I would need enough money to access a phone somewhere, or I could borrow somebody’s phone if that was necessary, or, maybe I could get access to a phone online through Skype through a library. I don’t know – I’d find a way to do it.
Joe: There are plenty of places that have these resources. The internet is ubiquitous these days; you can find access to it and you can get help and you can ask people for stuff and they’ll give it to you, and yes, you might have to beg for a few days, but it wouldn’t take very long and you’d be back on your feet before you know it. So that’s how I’d get started.
Joe: Then, once I made that first $5,000, I’d move into an apartment, get back on my feet, buy some food, pay back the people I borrowed money from, and I’d get started again. I would get on the phone again and start making another deal and then another deal and then, hopefully within three or four months, I’d be back to making $20,000 to $40,000 a month and moving forward with my business. I’d have to work a lot of hours to make that happen because I wouldn’t stop until that happened.
Joe: A lot of people that are out on the street don’t have the capability to do this because they have some type of emotional disorder or some other problem, i.e. maybe they’re alcoholic or they have drug abuse problems, and it’s going to be harder for them to succeed at this. It’s going to be a lot easier for someone who has their full faculties to able to go and make this stuff happen.
Joe: But it doesn’t matter how old you are. I don’t care if you’re still in high school. I don’t care if you’re in your 80’s – you can still do this. I’ve had people from all across the spectrum make these kinds of deals and put this stuff together. You just have to learn how to talk. Talking will make you money if you learn how to do it properly. I believe it is the single most valuable tool that you can have.
Joe: Automation and online tools are good and it makes your life a whole lot easier and so that you have to talk a whole lot less. I don’t like to talk – I guess I’m doing all these videos and I’m talking 100 miles per hour, but I don’t really like to talk – I’d rather sit at my computer and do my own thing, and I think that a lot of the people that are using my system are the same way.
Joe: But, if you learn how to talk, sometimes it’s not so bad; you kind of have a good time with it and it’s nice to connect with people that way. So, that’s what I would do.

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