What’s The Average Cost Per Lead With The Automarketer?


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What’s The Average Cost Per Lead With The Automarketer?

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This one is from Matthew. Matthew says, “I do like what you say about real estate. I have looked at your automation program and I like it. One question I do have is on the automatic dialer. On average, how much does that cost per month?” And I think he’s talking about the voice blasts and the text blasts. The system is set up, the Automarketer is $199 a month, and that’s, that gives you the system. But you’re going to have to spend money on text and voice blasts. They cost 2.5¢ per text blast that you send out. Typically, what I see with most of my mentor students, they’re spending between $10 and $30 per month, depending on how much they’re sending out and how much they’re trying to get back.

Joe: And what I also find is that a lot of people will send out blasts and then they won’t follow up on those leads, because they’ll get a lot of leads, but they won’t follow up on them, so they’re wasting that money. So you can turn it off anytime you’re not making those calls back, and you can turn it back on again when you do use it, so you could use less on that.

Joe: But the goal here is to actually have the leads come in and actually make those calls. I tell my mentor students that you have to commit to me eight to ten hours a week in specifically doing the main tasks of the business. When you’re just getting started, those main tasks are going to be on the phone, talking to these leads. Or, making cold calls if you don’t use the Automarketer. So you can do this without the Automarketer, but the Automarketer is going to cost that.

Joe: Now the other expense that you’re going to have in the Automarketer is you’re going to need four domain names. Domain names are things like eBay, or Amazon.com, or, you know, it’s the name on your website. And you’re going to have come up with your own unique domain name, and I’ll show you how to do that. But you need four different domain names because you have multiple sites that are set up in the Automarketer that do different things, buyers, sellers, rent to buy, subject to, the lease option memo, those types of things have all, they’ll have their own different domain name. So you’re going to need four domain names and those cost you $10 per year per domain. So, $40 is what it’s going to cost you to set those up, but that’s one-time cost per year. Then every year you’ll have to reboot that.

Joe: So those are the costs for the Automarketer to get that going and what the dialer costs as well. All right. Hope that answers the question.

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