What’s The Best Way To Automate My Real Estate Business?


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What’s The Best Way To Automate My Real Estate Business

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. Got another question here. This one is from Natasha Crawford. She say, “Joe, I know the system is for rent to own leads, but how do I use the system to leverage myself as a wholesaler?” I believe she’s talking about the Automarketer. “Also, is there a better way to see the original post when leads who are responding to the automation, emails and texts, and what is the best way to automate this business that I don’t have to speak to the seller, go to the property or even speak to the buyer. For example, can I be the middle man without trying to convince or talk someone into a deal? Thank you for your responses. They’re very helpful. Natasha.”

Joe: There’s a lot of answers in those short questions. That covers just about everything that I teach, because that’s the whole goal here, is to learn how to do this without automation, without leaving your home, and all that. So I’m going to touch on a few of the topics that I can get into a short video like this. First of all, with the Automarketer, the Automarketer generates leads, it gives you websites that give you credibility and it helps you follow up with those leads and create a funnel of leads that are coming in to the funnel and having them trickle out at the bottom as deals. So that’s the goal of the Automarketer.

Joe: Is it possible to use it for wholesaling other than just using it for rent to own? And the answer is, yes. As a matter of fact, some of the deals that you get from the Automarketer are going to be wholesale deals. But the problem with wholesaling altogether is that’s there are a lot fewer people that want to sell their property dramatically under market value than will sell them on a lease option and get full market value. We can solve the problems for people without having them leave a whole bunch of money on the table. We don’t have to go to some old lady and rip off all of the equity in her home that she was going to give to her grandkids. We can actually make money on deals and still make it make sense for her. So we don’t have to do any strong arm techniques, we don’t have to negotiate hard. All we have to do is put together a deal and help them understand why it’s of benefit to them to do it.

Joe: So the amount of leads you’re going to get on wholesale, those are also going to come through this. Because some people, they just want to get rid of their property and they say, yeah, go ahead and take it. I don’t care if I leave the money on the table. I don’t want to deal with it anymore. And then you can take those deals and do wholesale deals on them as well. But you’re going to get ten, twenty, thirty times as many deals if you look for a different type of deal, a deal that doesn’t hurt the seller nearly as much as a wholesale deal typically will hurt them.

Joe: Let’s look at automating the business as well. Automating the business is very doable. First of all, you don’t have a business unless you have leads. Nothing happens in any business until a sale is made, so you have to have leads to sell to. So you generate leads through marketing and then you have to learn how to convert those leads. And some of them you convert immediately just simply by talking to them. Others you convert over time by doing follow up with email or voice blasts or text blasts. And that’s what the Automarketer does. And we’ve got a new CRM in the Automarketer which is a contact relationship management software inside, so that when the leads some in, they go into a follow up system that will allow you to make appointments with them, keep notes on them, talk to them, and the ones that say no, it puts them into a long term follow up system that contact them again three weeks down the line, three weeks after that and on and on and on.

Joe: The Automarketer can help you do that. And if you use the teaching that I give, you can also learn how to do it without leaving your home simply by doing most of the work on the phone and using outsourced people to be your boots on the ground. Even working with people who will help you find your buyers. You don’t have to do all that work yourself. So you can get this down to a very short amount of time per week and still make a full time income if you set it up properly. It’s all about systems, it’s all about proper marketing. It’s all about outsourcing. So those are things that I’m going to be talking about more as we go through this video series.

Joe: All right, hope that helps.

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