When I Call Sellers And Make Offers, They Laugh At Me


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Read Transcript for “When I Call Sellers And Make Offers, They Laugh At Me”

When you first start doing real estate deals, sellers might laugh at you if you don’t know how to talk to them and educate them about the process. Here’s how to get over that hump so sellers won’t ever laugh at you when you make an offer to them.

“When I call sellers to make an offer, they laugh at me and ask if I’ve been taking some late night infomercial guru’s course. How do I keep that from happening?”

Joe: First of all, let me give you a little bit of perspective. When I call people up, nobody laughs at me and I’m offering the same types of things that you are. When my advanced students call up people, nobody laughs at them; nobody asks them those questions. Nobody makes fun of them. Very rarely does anybody even hang up on them or get mad at them for calling because they understand the technique. They understand why they’re calling; they understand who they’re calling and why they’re doing it.
Joe: If you take these techniques and you go to a realtor and say, ‘Would you sell me a property Subject-To? Would you sell me a property on land contract?’ The realtor’s going to laugh at you – the realtor doesn’t make any money if they do it that way. And the person who’s selling the property is using a realtor – they don’t need somebody else to come in and do it that way. But if you have people that are calling you and saying, ‘I need to sell my property’ and you make them an offer, well, they’ve come to you – there’s no reason for them to laugh at you anymore; you don’t need to do that.
Joe: Let me also say that it doesn’t matter if they laugh at you. I know that it hurts your ego and I know that when you begin in this process and learning this stuff, you start feeling like, ‘I feel like an idiot getting on the phone.’ And this fear is what keeps people from succeeding, but they don’t get on the phone. They don’t call people back. They’ll get people calling and saying, ‘Hey, I want to sell you my home. Hey, I want to sell you my home’ but they’re not calling back!
Joe: It’s just like I was talking about in another video – all of those people that are running ‘I Buy Homes’ ads – if you call them, very few of them will call you back, even though you tell them you’re desperate. Because they say, ‘Oh no, I’ve got somebody who really wants to sell their home. What am I going to do? What if I have to actually make an offer?’ Well, if you make offers the way I’m teaching, there’s no risk – there no risk at all, no credit involved, and no money involved, so you’re not going to lose anything in the process.
Joe: So just make the offer. If they say, yes, great! – you can always change your mind. With the way we structure these deals, you can always change your mind and back out of the deal. If you don’t find a buyer for the property, you don’t have to close it. You can tell the seller that, and they still won’t have a problem with you doing it this way.
Joe: So make the offer. Don’t worry about them laughing at you. And do it the way that I teach rather than going out there and just asking anybody who’s selling their property, ‘Would you sell it to me under terms?’ Or, ‘Would you sell it to me on a land contract or a subject-to or a multi-mortgage? Would you sell it to me those ways?’ Because they’re going to say, ‘No. Why am I going to sell it that way?’ If you came to me and asked me if I wanted to sell my house subject-to, I’d say, ‘Absolutely not. I’m not going to do it.’
Joe: But there are situations where it makes a lot of sense for people to do it that way. If you’re in a situation where you have a property and you can’t sell it through a real estate agent because you don’t have enough equity to pay the real estate agent and you need to sell that property but you can’t do it, and then you have two choices, either 1) you’re going to, for sure, go into foreclosure because you can’t make your payments or 2) you might go into foreclosure if the guy you sell it to defaults on it, which one do you choose? Won’t you take the possibility of foreclosure rather than the certainty of foreclosure? So it’s really not that difficult. Good luck.

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