When To Quit Your Job And Invest In Real Estate Full Time


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When To Quit Your Job And Invest In Real Estate Full Time

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. When to quit your job and invest full time. Here’s what I tell my mentor students. You should have three months in a row of consistent income that is enough money to live on each month before you can feel confident that you’re going to be able to make this amount of money for the rest of your life. If you can do it three months in a row you can probably do it forever.

Joe: If you do one month, you make enough to live on, and then a couple months goes by and then another month you make enough to live on and then a couple more months go by and – I don’t think that that’s the consistency that you need. You need the consistency that’s happening month after month after month. And to do that you have to just create systems, you need to create automation, you need to understand the techniques that you’re using and be responsible to be able to follow though with the process. If you’ll follow through with that process and you have that consistent income then you can quit your job and be able to live for the rest of your life without ever working for anybody ever again. And that’s a wonderful thing.

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