Why Are You Trying To Rip People Off? Haven’t You Made Enough Money?


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I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone likes me.

Here is a question I got recently from someone who, I suspect, is feeling a bit of frustration in their life.

We’ve all been there, unfortunately. Watch the video to hear my answer…

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“Why Are You Trying To Rip People Off Haven’t You Made Enough Money”


Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. Got another question here. This one, they didn’t sign it. They didn’t give me their name and maybe because it’s a little bit edgy, but I think that it’s a good question and I don’t mind answering these questions from anybody, maybe with a little less rudeness, but that’s okay.

“Your program is outrageously expensive. Why are you trying to rip people off? Haven’t you made enough money?”

Joe: I’m not trying to rip people off. I’ve got a training program. I teach people how to make money. It’s a good program. It teaches people how to do that. I do charge what some people would think would be a lot of money for it. For the people who’ve learned from me and who are making money, who have got a business built from it, the money that I charge is insignificant to the amount of money that they’re making. They’re making that kind of money in a week or in a month. They don’t feel that it’s such a big deal.

Joe: I don’t think it’s a good business model for me to teach people how to do this and then let them pay me later on spec. So I don’t do that. I require that they pay in advance and I don’t allow one person to do it whereas another person I would say no to. I just say this is how I work. This is the business that I have. This is the business that I want to have. I enjoy watching people succeed. I enjoy watching them go through this process and learning this stuff.

Joe: And it makes it worth my while. I like making money, too. It’d be silly for me to teach you how to make money and not make money myself. I enjoy this process and I want to continue doing it. I love doing these videos. I love writing articles and I love getting on the coaching calls with my students and helping them through the process. I learn a lot by doing it, too. I learn what they’re doing that’s wrong. I learn what they’re doing that I tell them not to do that they do anyway and they succeed with it and I learn something new that we add to the system or we tweak and make it even better.

Joe: A lot of the systems and processes that I’ve got come from my Mentor Program. So having a coaching program like this has been an actually wonderful thing, an addition to my life that I’ve really enjoyed. I can honestly say that I’ve learned more from my students than they’ve learned from me over the years. It’s been a really wonderful thing. And at the same time, I get paid for it.

Joe: You know, at some point you may, as you build your business and you learn how to do this, you may want to have your own coaching program. And if you understand the techniques that I teach as far as marketing, on how to protect yourself, on how to write a contract, on how to teach and how to set expectations properly, how to appear credible, how to speak intelligently about a subject, you can be a coach, too. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s going to take you a few years. It took me, I was an investor for many years before I started doing that.

Joe: It was 1998 when I started and I started in ’86 and I didn’t start coaching until ’98 so it was thirteen years before I started coaching. But I could have done it before then. I had a lot of knowledge before then. I just wasn’t ready at that point and the internet didn’t really exist before then.

Joe: The internet came around and it started becoming more popular in ’98. It was still the dark ages of the internet. But I said to myself, “This is such a cool medium. I want to be on here. The potential is enormous.” I got on there, I wrote a book, I started making money on that book and that was back when you could list your, Yahoo! was the big one, not Google. Google didn’t exist yet.

Joe: NYahoo! was the big search engine. You could register your site and immediately it would show up under real estate investing and I was like the only guy doing it. The other gurus were out there but they were still doing it the old way, going out and doing seminars and I never doing seminars except for my mentor students. So I don’t do the seminar circuit and I don’t know very many of those people.

Joe: I started from the internet and I did it through internet marketing. All of the techniques that I teach now with real estate investing use internet marketing as their core source of leads and their core source of making money and core source of automating the whole process.

Joe: I hope that gives you a better understanding of what I’m doing. I’m not trying to rip people off. I try to do this ethically. I screw up, too. Not everything works out properly and I try to fix those mistakes when they happen. Sometimes I get angry as well. Sometimes I have to type out a response to people, tell them I’m upset. But I try not to hit send. I try to just print it and I set it aside and I come back to it later and I look at it and say, “Ah – delete.” And I forget about them and I take them off my list and I don’t worry about it again.

Joe: So, anyway, I hope that’s not you. I hope this works and I hope you’ll take another look at this and maybe consider what the value is that you get out of it.

Joe: All right. Good luck.

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